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Tarek Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism from Canada 1/3 @tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot

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Please be sure to see our newest posts. We will hopefully be consolidating all the information in a newer, more updated report towards the beginning of February 2013.

[Pages 1-16 of the 48 Page Report on Mr Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism]

@tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot


@TarekFatah – Inciting hatred and terrorism from Canada #TarekFatahBigot

This man resides in Canada, enjoys great attention from the Canadian media, and yet is able to openly incite hatred leading to terrorism and murder in countries abroad. He regularly promotes hatred against various ethnic, racial, ideological and lingual groups. We have captured one month of twitter outbursts from this hate monger and displayed them for you along with the results of his incitement…for your review. Please take the time to look through this if you wish to preserve tolerance and intellectual honesty….just one month’s tweets are so damning in our opinion…we wonder what will be uncovered once we dug further into this man’s activities.

We ask you to be the judge. If you feel as we do that this man should not enjoy the protections of a multicultural country like Canada, please report him to the appropriate authorities and make your voice heard by responding on twitter at #TarekFatahBigot and by writing to his employers at the Toronto Sun, Huffington Post and wherever else he has managed to plant himself.

Tarek Fatah Photo

First, a quick look at one of his tweets about Pakistan being a legitimate target of armed Baloch militants….he is referring to a sovereign country, a member of the UN and an ally in the War on Terror (regardless of the ups and downs), as an occupying Islamic army. This may be well and good from a “Freedom of speech” point of view, but not when he is saying it directly to the militants who, you see in the next pictures, are actually announcing and cheering atrocities against helpless civilians in real time- this could only be coming from first hand knowledge since the media did not cover most of these stories until much later. In one of our other posts on this blog, we have shown that these militants openly discussed the murder of Pakistanis on twitter and announced official twitter addresses for their various terrorist leaders. This makes Mr Tarek Fatah the Canadian cell of that terrorist infrastructure!

Straight from the horse’s mouth @tarekfatah on 26/12/2012 and see the results in the next image taken on 29/12/2012 in which scores died –

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 9


Here is a gruesome result of the Baloch terrorism that Mr Fatah is cheering on. This women was killed because she was a Punjabi and there is currently a campaign of ethnic cleansing taking place in Balochistan…a campaign which, you will see in this document, Mr Fatah is fanning the flames for.

Here is a statement of condemnation from Human Rights Watch

Pakistan: Balochistan Militants Killing Teachers


“Militant groups’ grievances against the Pakistani state are no excuse for shooting teachers dead,” said Ali Dayan Hasan, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch. “By killing teachers, harming students, and targeting schools, militants only increase Balochistan’s problems and deprive its youth of the benefits of education.”

Education falls in the crosshairs of three distinct violent conflicts in Balochistan: militant Baloch nationalist groups seeking separation or autonomy for Balochistan target Punjabis and other minorities;……


teachers killed by BLA

This is a more detailed report from Human Rights Watch about Baloch terrorist groups killing carrying our a campaign of ethnic cleansing in addition to killing teachers, barbers, laborers, government servants, security personnel, law enforcement, etc. http://www.hrw.org/node/94653

Mr Fatah actually declares War on a sovereign country from the comfort of his living room in Canada on 26/12/2012. 3 days later, blasts rock Pakistan as Mr Fatah cheers on and incites hatred against its people.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 11

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 16 Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 15

29/12/2012 – Baloch Militants claim responsibility for terror attack – scores dead

Karachi Carnage


“A relatively unknown militant organisation calling itself Lashkar-e-Balochistan claimed responsibility for the blast…”

A few of Mr Fatah’s twitter associates who also happen to be Baloch militants cheering this terrorism. This is taken on 29/12/2012…just hours after the terror attack in Karachi

Baloch Terrorism 1

This is Mr Fatah discussing how to promote a media campaign in the West on behalf of the Baloch militants…also on 29/12/2012

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 12

Here he boasts about having been in jail in Balochistan and having been a part of the Baloch militant groups. The group in question is the BSO….he is well connected with the terrorists. This is on 26/12/2012

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 10

A group of Baloch militants in their hideout. Mr Fatah feels that they are freedom fighters…the same way supporters of Al Qaeda believe about them.

baloch militants

14/5/2012 – Note Mr Fatah refers to the terrorists as an “independence group”. This is a group he claims to have been a member of, one that he supports, provides media support to in particular, and here he is tweeting their warnings as an endorsement of their policies. This is not paranoia that leads us to this conclusion, but the entirety of the evidence against him

Warning to China - Tarek Fatah

17/7/2012 – Baloch militants detonate bomb outside Chinese consulate to warn China



This young man was abducted and killed by the BLF headed by London, UK based Herbyar Marri, for whom Mr Tarek Fatah sings praises and refers to as a Baloch Leader.


Bahram Baloch, blf,Balochistan, kill and dump

Some more information on Baloch Terrorism. We encourage you the reader to Google this information yourself and see the campaign of ethnic cleansing being carried out by Baloch terrorists. You can google ‘Killing Punjabis Balochistan’, ‘Baloch militant’, ‘Baloch terrorism’…we also encourage you to check out youtube videos of Baloch leaders living in Western countries openly saying they wish to expel other ethnic groups from Balochistan and are willing to terrorize to enforce it. When you combine this knowledge with what we show you below about Mr Fatah’s incitement of hatred, we feel you will have no choice but to agree with us that action must be taken against him for misusing the trust bestowed upon him by his adopted homeland, Canada.  

http://www.examiner.com/article/baloch-racist-extremists-of-blf-kill-three-innocent-punjabi-youths (Baloch racist extremists of BLF kill three innocent Punjabi youths)

http://tribune.com.pk/story/404625/18-pilgrims-killed-in-turbat-bus-attack/  (18 Punjabis killed in Bus attack)

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2010-08-14/pakistan/28299091_1_quetta-gunmen-shot-separate-incidents (16 Punjabis shot dead in Balochistan

http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/countries/pakistan/Balochistan/index.html     (134 Pujabis killed in Balochistan)

http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2012/07/23/news/national/lashkar-e-balochistan-claims-responsibility-of-karachi-blast/ (Lashkar-e-Balochistan claims responsibility for bombing)

Lets now take a look at who Mr Fatah is –

From 1996 until 2006 he hosted Muslim Chronicle, a weekly Toronto-based current affairs discussion show on CTS and VisionTV which focussed on the Muslim community.Fatah interviewed notables such as journalist Husain Haqqani, author Tariq Ali, and Mubin Shaikh.

Fatah has also written opinion pieces for various publications including TIME Magazine, the Toronto Star, the National Post and the Globe and Mail.

He has also been a guest host of TVO’s The Agenda filling in for Steve Paikin. In February 2007, Fatah was included by Maclean’s magazine on a list of 50 Canadians described as “Canada’s most well known and respected personalities.”.[8] In December 2008, Canada’s largest circulating newspaper, the Toronto Star, suggested to Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he appoint Fatah to one of the vacant seats in the Canadian Senate.[9] Toronto Star’s senior editor Bob Hepburn wrote this about Fatah: “A prominent spokesperson for secular and progressive Muslim issues who would bring a much-needed unique perspective to the Senate.”

From May to September 2009, Fatah co-hosted the “Strong Opinions Show” on Toronto’s CFRB 1010. After the show’s cancellation he joined CFRB’s Moore in the Morning program as a commentator.

Starting in September, 2010, Fatah joined Ryan Doyle as a co-host of “Friendly Fire,” the evening show on CFRB 1010. He currently hosts a Sunday afternoon show, The Tarek Fatah Show and appears as a commentator on other CFRB shows. He also writes a column for the Toronto Sun and appears on the Sun News Network as a frequent guest host and commentator.

At one point Mr Fatah was one of the many founding members of the Muslim Canadian Congress which he then had a bitter splt with. According to reports he gave to the media at the time, the split occurred when some members of the MCC’s former board marched in a Toronto anti-war rally where banners and photographs supporting Hezbollah‘s Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were paraded. While the current members of the MCC wanted nothing to do with Hezbollah, it was claimed that other executive members participated or supported the demonstrations, and resigned and formed the new CMU the next day. This version of events is challenged in the resignation statement published by the exiting board members, which cited their belief that the Muslim Canadian Congress could no longer achieve its goal of influencing the Muslim community.[11] According to some who split with Fatah, he and other Board members had participated in several earlier demonstrations where the same banners were displayed by some members of the crowd, including two just weeks before the split. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarek_Fatah

He has come a long way since his days as a reporter for the Karachi Sun in the 1970s in Pakistan. He migrated to Canada roughly 25 years ago, after which he has become adept at exploiting fear and xenophobia to advance his career.

Mr Fatah joins Fox News and Neocons in hounding Hillary Clintons Chief of Staff for being born a Muslim

Tarek Fatah had the distinction of being one of the voices that joined Michelle Bachman in accusing Hillary Clinton Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, of having “ties” with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. He writes in the Huffington Post which surprisingly allows such a person to use their platform – http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/tarek-fatah/bachman-muslim-brotherhood_b_1707362.html

The problem is that we now find out that Huma Abedin herself was, until late 2008, not only a member of her mother’s Islamist organization, the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), she was an assistant editor.

Andrew McCarthy, who was the lead prosecutor at the 1995 terrorism trial of the Blind Sheik writes that past mastheads of the IMMA’s journal have Huma Abedin listed as an assistant editor (to her mother, the editor-in-chief) as far back as 1996, the year she began interning at the Clinton White House.

“The IMMA,” he writes “was started in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s by Huma Abedin’s parents, with the backing of Abdullah Omar Naseef … former secretary-general of the Muslim World League, which… has long been the Muslim Brotherhood’s principal vehicle for the international propagation of Islamic supremacist ideology. Under the auspices of the MWL, Naseef not only backed the IMMA, he founded the Rabita Trust, which … is a specially designated international terrorist organization under federal law.

The sooner Huma Abedin steps up to the plate and clears the air, the better it will be for all of us…..… All she needs to do is say she does not share the Islamist political ideology of her mother and that mother and daughter differ comprehensively in their views about the role of women in society. Once that is done, this father of two Muslim daughters will once again celebrate Huma Abedin as my own, as a shining example of what North America offers to its Muslim citizens, if they deserve it.

Here is how Mr Fatah deals with little girls whose Tweets he finds offensive!

Here Mr Fatah writes articles in newspapers about the threatening tweets he gets from teenage girls in Toronto while his incitement of hatred has very real consequences in places like Balochistan….and its not little girls using twitter that you need to be afraid of in Balochistan.


“Xaar boy means s— boy,” said Fatah, a moderate Muslim and author of The Jew is Not My Enemy. “I may be originally from Pakistan but I know Somali slang.” Note – he says that he is from Pakistan, a state whose legitimacy and existence he takes turns denying.

Now lets take a look at Mr Fatah’s own hateful tweeting.Keep in mind that this record is just for the month of December 2012…clearly this man has been doing this for a long time. We ask for your patience in reviewing this record and forming your own honest conclusions. In this record he has shown many of his colors; from racism against Arabs and Persians and Pakistanis (though he himself is a Pakistani)…Islamophobia and he even openly discussing incredibly self serving reasons for wanting to “Own” the Malala Yousufzai story.

29/12/2012 – We think this needs no explanation. Particularly in light of ethnic cleansing of Punjabis from Balochistan (for those who don’t know). This is classic dehumanization.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism

29/12/2012 – Here Mr Fatah doesn’t disappoint. He announces the death of Pakistan in one breath and advises his Balochi terrorist associates how to manage media relations by exploiting a teenage girl who is neither a Balochi, nor a Tarek Fatah supporter. He says Pakistan, a nation of 180 million, is doomed and dehumanizes its people.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 2

29/12/2012 – Here Mr Fatah advises Baloch militants, who are tweeting about their terrorist cause, how to manage their media campaign like an “AK 47”. He knows full well that the AK47 is the weapon of choice for terrorists in Pakistan and most deaths that don’t occur from explosives occur from AK47s. He is saying this even as news has broken that Baloch militants have exploded a bomb in a public bus killing scores….see above news . What is the “prize” he is referring to below? Since he announced a war of independence against the Government of Pakistan, the prize he is referring to is an independent Balochistan without all the Punjabis Mr Fatah and his associates despise…oddly, Mr Fatah himself is a Punjabi…at least according to him. This makes it clear he is totally involved in Baloch militancy, in supporting, promoting and justifying…who knows if there is funding and other activities involved…it went beyond our scope to investigate.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 3

29/12/2012 – Mr Fatah reveals his selfish motives for trying to “Own” the Malala Yousufzai story. For those who don’t know, she is a teenage girl from a totally different province of Pakistan who was attacked by the Taliban for her support for girl’s education. Mr Fatah, never one to miss an opportunity, is angling to get in on the action and suggesting a smart media strategy for his Baloch militant associates.  This is what is said publicly on twitter, one doesn’t need to wonder how bad his record is in private. This tweet also explains why Mr Fatah has Malala Yousufzai as his background image…what a shallow opportunist he is.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 4

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 2

29/12/2012 – You can see the image of one of Mr Fatah’s associates in this twitter rant. He is holding an AK47, the weapon Mr Fatah suggests they learn to use. He is proudly announcing casualties of Pakistani government personnel, proclaiming his terrorist cause, and acknowledging that his Balochi brethren have claimed responsibility for the Karachi terrorist bus bombing that day. They are all discussing casualties, intelligence, media strategy and dehumanization of the people of Pakistan. The difference is, that Mr Fatah is doing so from the comfort of Canada where he enjoys status and plenty of media coverage to air his hateful views.

Baloch Terrorism 1

[Pages 1-15 of the 48 Page Report on Mr Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism]

@tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot



7 Responses

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  1. He do’nt know the ground realities here in Pakistan.Staying in canada and spreading hate is other thing while living in pakistan and seeing things with their own eyes is other thing.This man mr.tarik is a non believer and mushrik.ALLAH knows better and i dont think he will live forver.he has to die and face the wrath of GOD soon.
    @vijay. i am a proud muslim.I have christian friends here in pakistan and sikhs too.They live like they own Pakistan.so stop spreading lies.
    Good article by the way and i apperiate your efforts by pointing out this traitor.


    February 4, 2013 at 10:52 am

  2. The problem is Pakistan – its bigotry and denial of human rights to minorities -hindus,christians,Baloch,and imposition of islamism.Tarek Fatah merely exposes ISI/Pakistan for what they do.

    vijaygkg (@vijaygkg)

    January 8, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    • Vijay, thank you for your comment. We harbor no ill-will against India or any other people. The purpose of this site is only to show that real people are being killed, real pain is being suffered, real families are being torn apart…these are not ideas floating around on twitter..there are real human consequences of inciting terrorism and hatred. Teachers and ordinary civilians are being ethnically cleansed..how is this justified and how can anybody not be revolted by the sheer hate speech that this man is openly displaying. Surely India has moved beyond such things and will not be impressed by a man like this who tries to exploit hate and fear to advance himself. You are entitled to your opinion, which is why we let your post through on to the site.


      January 8, 2013 at 4:18 pm

      • Excellent Reply 1234!!!.

        Jalal Hussain

        January 10, 2013 at 6:37 pm

      • Thank you Mr Hussain. We cannot fight hate with hate. We feel that we must all mature beyond this tit for tat and find the appropriate avenues and means to express ourselves. We must speak to the Baloch and resolve their grievances, we must communicate with those who will listen to us in India, we must develop deeper relations with the west. However, we must also stand strong against those who are violating the law, inciting hatred and are unapologetic about their deeds. We need volunteers to help us with this campaign and to continue to work on this site. Calling all people for this task.


        January 10, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    • rightly said:)


      January 8, 2013 at 4:19 pm

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