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Tarek Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism from Canada 2/3 @tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot

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[Pages 16-35 of the 48 Page Report on Mr Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism]

@tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot


29/12/2012 – More of the same from this AK47 wielding terrorist. Unforgivable that Twitter has enabled this militant infrastructure to work so effectively to communicate.

Baloch Terrorism 4

29/12/2012 – In his rants he has not left any ethnic group in Pakistan untouched  by his campaign of hatred. He refers to Sindhis as traitors, Pashtuns as truckers, Punjabis are colonialists with identity crisis and will destroy Pakistan, Urdu is a colonial tool of oppression….it is hard to keep track of all the negative stereotypes this man promotes hatred of from one tweet to the next.  Note also above the very real environment of ethnic cleansing of Punjabis from Balochistan…and Mr Fatah is shamelessly cheering it on even though he himself refers to himself as a Punjabi. Extremely strange man! Keep in mind that the groups he is dehumanizing are also the subjects of ethnic cleansing campaigns from Mr Fatah’s Balochi associates.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 5

27/12/2012 – Lest his bigotry be confined to the Indian subcontinent, Mr Fatah rants against Arabs as racists and oppressors and asks why they’re not targets.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 6

27/12/2012 – It is one thing to disagree with people, it is an entirely different matter to dehumanize them and call them termites! This man is a public figure who writes for and appears on major media outlets in Canada!

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 7

29/12/20 – Again, in another tweet he goes on to refer to Muslims as ugly…he throws in some anti-Punjabi reference just to spice it up. He claims to have been a member of Mukti Bahini, a group that reciprocated massacres for massacre during the partitioning of Pakistan and Bangladesh.  One wonders when he found time to do that, and if he did, was he engaged in the killing? He does have the requisite hatred.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 8

26/12/2012 – Just a few days before the latest terrorist bombing carried out by Balochi militants…a bombing which was proudly announced by Mr Fatah’s Balochi associates on twitter. Mr Fatah below fully endorses the armed militancy of the AK47 wielding terrorists and refers to a UN member country as an “Occupying Islamic Army”…thus dehumanizing and de-legitimizing the people and country who are to be attacked by his associates.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 9

26/12/2012 – In this tweet Mr Fatah is claiming to have spent a year in jail in Balochistan and years in the very terrorist organizations that are now carrying out bombings and killing law enforcement personnel in Pakistan. (i.e. the BSO). One wonders how Mr Fatah got around do writing for the Karachi Sun, massacring Pakistanis with the Mukti Bahini in the 70s and then again rising up against Pakistan 2000km to the West in Balochistan…all of this just before migrating to Canada to start his career on Huffington Post and Toronto Sun.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 10

26/12/2012 – Just 3 days before the latest terrorist bombing, Mr Fatah once again announces a war against a United Nations Member country. It would not be taken n that context if it were not for the volumes of tweets that say otherwise.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 11

26/12/2012 – Here Mr Fatah is engaging with Balochi militants and talking about giving coverage to an anti-government, anti-military media campaign. While everybody is entitled to free speech and their opinion, these people have declared war and have already been ethnically cleansing the Balochistan province to make way for an ethnically pure state for themselves. He is asking for details of troops, regiments and casualties to be emailed to him from people involved with the insurgent groups. They are all high fiving themselves about the “freedom struggle” which in actuality is a well documented campaign of terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 12

26/12/2012 – Here Mr Fatah betrays his true motivations…he is not even satisfied with Canada; he would like a modern day John F Kennedy to come to office in the US and ask him to join the administration. He rails against Justin Trudeau, who argues for multiculturalism and tolerance, because he feels that he was “shut out”…maybe because he  is a bigot who works tirelessly to advance himself and grabs the spotlight by exploiting any opportunity he gets, whether it is a victimized little girl in a third world country, or the fears of a western audience, or an Al Qaeda-like terrorist movement in Pakistan that he has managed to cloak in legitimacy. However, on 12/12/12 Mr Fatah demonstrates his feelings about Americans….that they’re dumb. At least Mr Fatah is an equal opportunity bigot!

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 13 - his true motivation getting hired

25/12/2012 – Here he criticizes the “Baloch Leadership”, or the exiled terrorists, as being incompetent and ineffective in delegitimizing Pakistan through Washington. One assumes that Mr Fatah would be eager to plant himself in Washington and angle for leadership of the Balochi people were it not for the fact that he comes from the very Punjabi group that he is dehumanizing and labelling as the enemy of the Baloch. Wonder what the strategy is.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 14

25/12/2012 – Here he openly calls for the destruction of Pakistan, a nation of 180 million people, which he called home until he found greener pastures elsewhere. He spews hatred against the people of Pakistan, this time with discriminating on the basis of ethnicity and instead dishing it out to all..as illiterate in their mother tongue, contrived identities and false ancestry. In other words, he delegitimized the state and the people ….this plays a key role in legitimizing the terrorism of the Balochis that he’s cheerleading in his other tweets. This tweet is on 25/12/2012 and 5 days later, those people with false ancestry and contrived identities got blown up in a bus just bcs they were there.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 15

25/12/2012 – Again on 25/12/2012 Mr Fatah is railing against Pakistan and Punjabs in particular. He is taunting Pakistanis and de-legitimizing the right to exist for an entire country as he keeps harping on about splitting it up, its not even alive anymore and there is nothing left of it. Does he regret his words and does he accept that he has been inciting hatred?!

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 16

24/12/2012 – Mr Fatah here is speaking particularly to white liberals…one wonders why it is that particular segment that appeals to him and not society as a whole. He is speaking to white people about the dangers of Islam and “Islamofascism”, a term likely invented by the Klu Klux Klan, which probably would not receive Mr Fatah too kindly though it wouldn’t be for his lack of trying to fit in.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 17

24/12/2012 – Agan, Mr Fatah loves to engage in stereotypes with his characterization of Muslims being driven by their penises and obsessed with the sexuality of women. He refers to himself as morally superior and ridicules people who wear a hijab or niqab, though he clever inserts the word “forces” to make it a little less hateful…didn’t really help Tarek.  Mr Fatah is such fanatical about his desire to see Muslims hounded that he does not wish to allow them freedom of speech, thought or association. Merely being opposed to secularism is sufficient ground for Mr Fatah to label you a potential terrorist..and you only need to follow his tweets to get his suggestions on which overseas hellholes potential terrorists should be shipped off to.  Must be great to be so morally superior..the rest of us can only try but it comes so easy to some.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 19

23/12/2012 – Never one to fall short of stereotypes, here Mr Fatah is saying that Abu Dhabi, the 3rd richest city on earth, doesn’t have libraries..thereby perpetuating the image of the uneducated Bedouin with no access to books. He makes fun of the other twitter user’s apparently less than perfect English by suggesting ESL classes and having the audacity to thereafter call HIM a “hateful bully”. I think we all know who the hateful bully is Tarek..and if the Canadian authorities are doing their job, they should be paying you a visit to send you back to Balochistan where you have your loyalties. Portray yourself as a true freedom loving western liberal all you like, your own words betray you.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 20

23/12/2012 – Mr Fatah’s hate just doesn’t doesn’t confine itself to any group…he hates everybody equally. Here he suggests that middle class Pakistanis are in-breds who suffer from abnormalities bcs of the incestuous relationship of their cousin-parents. How grotesquely hateful Mr Fatah…have you even seen the mirror lately?! It is a known fact that Baloch militants use the same stereotypes of other ethnic groups to dehumanize them…Mr Fatah is very aware of this since he seems to be their media adviser.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 21

22/12/2012 – More stereotyping and dehumanizing. This time people who choose to keep beards or women who cover their hair.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 23

21/12/2012 – Put this statement side by side with his desire to be a part of a US administration (in another tweet above) and you realize that he’s exploiting xenophobia to advance his career.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 24

19/12/2012 – Here Mr Fatah is discussing the ultimate aim of his terrorist cause; to break up a sovereign nation along ethnic lines…note the distinctions between Balochis and Pashtuns. Is this consistent with the Canadian values he so loudly proclaims in his most holier than thou way to be the ultimate representative of? He is also quoting the “Charter” provided by terrorist leader, Hyrbyar Marri, whose victims number in the hundreds…just one of whose faces we have shown at the top of this article. Mr Fatah is directly supporting Terrorism here!

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 25

18/12/2012 – Again, more hate comments based on ethnicity. Here Mr Fatah claims that Arabs hate Pakistanis and Indians..this is a constant theme with him. He says that Egypt would not want to be compared to Pakistan for the same reasons…nothing to back it up…just hate filled rants from an opportunist seeking to get to know the famous US based journalist, Tom Friedman.  Once again he expressed his desire to see a sovereign nation carved up on ethnic lines, for which he has been fanning the flames eagerly.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 2

18/12/2012 – Despite his intense hatred for a Pakistan that he dehumanizes and de-legitimizes daily, his contempt for Arabs and the Arab world is, according to his own admission, even more rabid.  Lest you think you may be left out and it ends there, please keep reading for his comments about Persians, Ahmadis, Shias, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and anybody else whose stereotyping may earn him additional media attention or a following among fringe groups.  The fact that he re-tweeted the disparaging remark below about Hispanics shows he endorses that view also.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 3

18/12/2012 – One hardly knows what to make of this odd series of tweets. You`re less liberal (or Canadian) if your prayer is in a language other than English? And of course, Mr Fatah is the self proclaimed authoritative voice of liberalism in Canada..and if he has his way, in the White House south of the border.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 4

18/12/2012 – Once again resort to stereotyping about Arabs treating others badly….which Arabs is he referring to? All Arabs all over the world? And if you thought he would spare the Persians, you were wrong…they too are treated with scorn by Mr Fatah, who labels them as racists also. No distinction at all….just all Persians! Then back to his favorite topic, the de-legitimization of people from Pakistan, a country of 180 million people. One wonders how much of the world Mr Fatah would like to disenfranchise and demonize. Maybe a more extensive e review of his history would reveal that Mr Fatah may find himself more at home at a separate international space station built specially for him..one without other pesky ethnic and lingual groups or those whom he disagrees with.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 5

[Pages 16-35 of the 48 Page Report on Mr Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism]

@tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot



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  1. […] like Mr Gazi, Mr Fatah is lauded by non-Muslim Islamophobes because he is willing to promote anti-Arab racism and supports sesssion movements in Muslim lands (while opposing the same rights for Muslims […]

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