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Tarek Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism from Canada 3/3 @tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot

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[Pages 35-48 of the 48 Page Report on Mr Fatah’s incitement of hatred and terrorism]

@tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot


17/12/2012 – Of course you had to know that Mr Fatah would be a fan of Salman Rushdie. However, this is one person even Mr Rushdie may wish to distance himself from.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 6

16/12/2012 – My God…what is the point of this ethnic and religious ranting? He would like to promote the idea in Pakistan that Jews defeated them militarily….sure Mr Fatah…what could possibly go wrong when you say things like that?

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 8

16/12/2012 – On the one hand Mr Fatah accused Muslims of being perverts..on the other..that this man of 60+ years old is discussing young girls in such a manner once again reveals his depraved mentality. We have heard of rapists talking about how the victim wanted it; well, here Mr Fatah is accusing these girls of craving the attention of men….they seem to have his attention anyway. Referring to girls as young as 20 years old as “craving” and “exotic”…..he keeps stooping to new lows.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 9

14/12/2012 – Now even Mr Justin Trudeau is accused of being a Sharia proponent and Muslim Brotherhood stooge…code for being a “terrorist sympathizer” in Mr Fatah’s xenophobic circles. Mr Trudeau is a mainstream liberal politician whom Mr Fatah takes every opportunity to paint as a terrorist sympathizer. The key n this case is that the “terrorists” he is referring to are ordinary Canadian citizens who follow the Islamic faith. Spreading hatred is Mr Fatah’s game.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 10

14/12/2012 – demonizing is not saved just for Muslims and non-Whites…mr Fatah  is equally comfortable demonizing a mainstream Canadian politician whose father has been Prime Minister of Canada. It’s safe to say that Mr Fatah’s position is that few people in North America have better credentials as a liberal leader than him….even those who have been the voices of Liberalism for generations don’t hold a candle to Mr Fatah.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 11

13/12/2012 – Mr Fatah has a loyal following among xenophobes and he is always happy to introduce new members to the family as he is doing below. At the same time, he is also demonstrating his multicultural credentials by ridiculing someone who presumably wasn’t able to express themselves in the kind of English that met Mr Fatah’s standards.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 13

12/12/2012 – If you’re going to accept Mr Fatah’s proposal to join the White House administration, you should also know that he endorses the view that Americans are stupid…thus, he retweets when people mock Americans for their stupidity. While he waits for his White House appointment, Mr Fatah insists that Canadian candidates read speeches written by him…his tweets speak for themselves. None of his fellow xenophobes seems willing to let him know that this foolish emperor indeed has no clothes. Maybe they feel they actually have a shot at this stuff?! May be possible considering this hate mongers rapid rise in Canada’s establishment and media.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 15

11/12/2012 – Never short of his classics anti-Punjabi rants. Remember the campaign of ethnic cleansing against this group. He’s no friend of China’s either.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 16

10/12/2012 – More and more anti Punjabi, anti Pakistani, anti Arab ranting from this voice of liberalism. His charge that Pakistanis supported the killing of  Bengalis must be seen in the context of today’s scenario. That Bangladesh tragedies took place over 40 years ago…today he is de-humanizing Pakistanis for the purpose of making it more legitimate to kill them…accusing Pakistanis of being guilty of genocide makes it easier for Balochi terrorists to carry out their terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 17

10/12/2012 – Even minorities who have traditionally been victims are not spared by Mr Fatah. Ahmadis and Shias are accused by him of crimes against Sikhs. One assume he means that makes it ok to attack them also…they are part of the Pakistani public also.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 18

9/12/2012 – A revolting display of xenophobia, stereotyping and objectification of women.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 19

9/12/2012 – Proudly rounding up his hate mongering activity of the week.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 20

9/12/2012 – Here is one of the clearest statements from him about Pakistan being a war zone. Placing this along with all his other pronouncements regarding the beginning of a war against the Pakistani state and the terrorism of Mr Fatah’s associates….this makes him directly guilty!

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 21

8/12/2012 – More ethnic hatred being spread by Mr Fatah. The stereotypes of South Asians being 2nd class to Arabs and hounding a Turkish individual for identifying himself as “white”….why do color, language and ethnicity play such prominent roles in Mr Fatah’s senseless rantings?!! Also, being a publc figure who has been on the team of leading Canadian political candidates, one would assume that saying “FU” to someone whom he disagreed with would have been below his dignity…not Mr Fatah…absolutely nothing is beneath this man!

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 22

4/12/2012 – Seems like Mr Fatah is about to take a much needed break. Must need it badly if he thinks that the people who he spreads so much hatred against (Pakistanis) would invite him to be a featured author in local literary festivals. This is just as outlandish as his White House ambitions. He must be bipolar though…where does this desire and the smiley face come from? Does he need to review this document to get up to speed on his own positions?

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 24

3/12/2012 – More de-legitimization of a country of 180 million people which is also suffering from terrorism which Mr Fatah not only supports, but is deeply connected to.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 25

2/12/2012 – Mr Fatah’s ambitions to advance his career lead him to exploit Islamophobia. How else will he sell his books, write articles and make a name for himself if he doesn’t have a subject to “own”. Whipping up anti-Muslim sentiment is all in a days work for Mr Fatah.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 26

2/12/2012 – dehumanization is the name of Mr Fatah’s game…whether Canadian liberals or Pakistanis on the other side of the world. Its what sells Tarek Fatah.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 27

1/12/2012 – It can hardly get any worse than this; Mr Fatah is suggesting that Pakistanis are the product of rape…hence, illegitimate bastards of Arabs..whom Mr Fatah has particular hatred for. He goes on to mock both Arabs and Pakistanis with his cruel comments that seek to dehumanize these people.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 28

1/12/2012 – It is not clear what point Mr Fatah is trying to make..but clearly he intends it to be an insult to an entire nation of people.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 29

With that ends our report on Mr Fatah’s incitement of hatred, promotion of terrorism and violence against numerous groups. He is associated with Balochi militants in addition to numerous other dubious individuals and organizations who share common cause in exploiting fear and differences. We do not advocate the use of violence or the breaking of any laws. We do however urge the public to inform all concerned about Mr Tarek Fatah @tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot . We also encourage you to report him to the authorities, to the Toronto Sun, The Huffington Post, The National Post, The Toronto Star and every other media outlet that has done a public disservice by promoting this hate monger. We urge you to speak to your representatives at the liberal and NDP parties and ensure that Mr Fatah is unwelcome, We furthermore urge the public to put pressure on the Canadian government to rescind Mr Fatah’s nationality and allow him to live in a country more suited to his particular brand of hatred…we are sure he will find a dark hole to live in somewhere…it should not be Canada.

Arent you ashamed of misusing twitter - Tarek Fatah

We don’t think that Mr Fatah appreciates the irony of his comments.

We thank you for taking the time to look through our findings.

Best regards,

K4Catalyst Team



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