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Download the 68 page report on @TarekFatah ‘s campaign of hatred #Tarekfatahbigot

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You can download the full 68 page report on Tarek Fatah’s @TarekFatah ‘s campaign of hatred #Tarekfatahbigot

Tarek Fatah inciting hatred and terrorism from Canada 1.1.2013


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  1. I know him personally from my Karachi University days (1970 – 1972). He was a kind of person who can betray his mother without any reservation. Actually, can sell her if the price is right. I am sure that his mother may have the opinion that should should avail the BIRTH CONTROL or should adopt the option of ABORTION when she was pregnant with him 66 years ago. Now a days, it seems if he is working as an agent of MOSAD (Israeli Spy Agency), RAW (Indian Spy Agency) and KHAD (Afghan Spy Agency).

    During his time in Karachi University, he was not a liberal person, as a matter of fact he was a paid agent of KGB (Russian Spy Agency). Again if the price is right he can be with any one. But the sad part is that he was actually involved in immoral activities. It was not a secret at that time and a common student of KU was well aware that he was involved in Drug Smuggling, Narcotics, Arms Smuggling, Kidnapping, Subversive activities against the state, hence he was caught, but due to his political connections he spent only a portion of the time in prison where as he deserved to spend his whole life behind the bars.

    After coming out from the prison, what was his next destination? Not, India, Not Russia, Not China, Not even Europe, He settled down in the most conservative Islamic country “SAUDI ARABIA”! Isn’t it surprising that a man as liberal as he claims, as anti Islamic, anti Sharya as he is, but as the price was right, then YES, Saudi Arabia was a good place for him. He stayed there not One Year, not 9 Years, rather 10 Full Years. Had he ever raised any voice against the orthodox, conservative Islamic SHARYA SOCIETY of Saudi Arabia? Does he still do it against Saudi Arabia? No, his targets is though Islam, but the main target is Pakistan. Because if he goes against Saudi Arabia then the questions will be asked about his stay in S. Arabia, and he can not justify it. If he even tried to say something against Saudi Arabia inside Saudi Arabia then he knew that either he will loose his head, or stay to rot in Saudi Jail. Personally, both options for him would be acceptable to me, but alas, he did not dare to spit a word against Saudi Arabia during his stay there. Is it what his bravery all about? He is a sissy and coward person, but worse he is an opportunist, selfish, cunning and manipulative person. Rather having a job to earn a good living, he has adopted an easy way out. He just created lies, sarcastic propaganda, fabricated stories against Pakistan and Islam and yes, he now earns good money from all those who have animosity against Pakistan and yes against Islam too.

    As he calls himself an Indian born in Pakistan, I want to correct it, he was born in Bombay (Mumbai now) in India and not in Pakistan. However if he still insists the he was born in India then he should call himself a BHARTI born in Pakistan. And for a proud BHARTI as he claims, I feel very honored to cremate his body personally after his death, if he allows me to do so. However if the law allows and he permits me, I am ready to cremate him alive if he desires so.

    His name should be changed from TAREK FATAH to TAREEK (Means DARK) FOTA (TESTICLE) as it suites better for him because of his character.


    April 24, 2014 at 7:32 am

    • You may wish to read our latest posts on two more hate mongers; @gulbukhari & @tahasiddiqui


      June 24, 2014 at 6:28 am

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