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God likes Canada more than Somalia – Tarek Fatah @tarekfatahbigot

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This is a more eclectic collection of bigoted tweets from Mr Tarek Fatah. You will see he is pretty much prejudiced against everybody that isn’t retweeting his messages and congratulating him

29/12/2012 – He is a very busy man. When he isn’t inciting people to hatred and terrorism, he’s making bigoted comments about whichever group he can think of. Here is says that God doesn’t help Somalia or Chad because he doesn’t like them while Canada gets God’s approval because of its health care system. Strange words from a bigoted man. He is also castigating another twitter user for using the name Anthony and he goes off into a tirade about how White liberals wouldn’t be able to recognize what he can. Finally, if you examine Mr Fatah’s other tweets on this blog, you will find that it is he that is obsessed with vaginas of younger girls/women….it is a constant theme with him as you can observe here. He however tries to pass it off as a criticism of others who are obsessed with the same, but an examination of his tweets for the month of December 2012 revealed that he’s brought up the vaginas of little girls at least 35 times on different occasions.

God likes Canada but not Somalia - tarek fatah

29/12/2012  Watch out Chinese people…he’s gunning for you next!

Mass murders are privileged Chinese men - tarek Fatah

31/12/2012 Here Mr Fatah is angling to work his way into the Delhi Rape Case story just as he intended to “OWN” the Malala Yousufzai story, the Pakistani girl who was attacked by the Taliban in the tribal areas of the country. You can read about Mr Fatah’s opportunistic mindset in his tweets which we captured relating to the Malala Yousufzai story. If your misery or death can be exploited to gain fame, you can be sure that this man will be there for the opportunity.

You can see here he is castigating Indian  men for their “reaction”, which was nothing short of outright support for the victim. He however needs to occupy the higher ground to he can waive his finger at everybody to shame them and tell them how this great voice of liberalism see things. Please read for yourself and see how outrageous his comments are regarding the victim who, it was announced yesterday, died of her injuries.

trolling in delhi rape case - tarek fatah

31/12/2012 Mr Fatah injects himself into the discussion, makes vitriolic statements to garner attention, then plugs in that he is covering the subject on his next show. He is a fake liberal; he makes comments that he feels that Canadians who can promote him would like to hear. Thing is, they only hear what he says in front of them but not all the hateful speech he spews on a daily basis everywhere else.

trolling in delhi rape case 2 - tarek fatah

Here Tarek Fatah has now been tweeting non-stop for the last several days about the Delhi Rape case constantly reminding Indians about how shameful they are and how dysfunctional their society is and that he cares so much, he is willing to waive his finger at them, write articles about it, appear on TV and provide his opinions…because he’s such a nice guy. Sensationalism and attention grabbing has nothing to do with it, but the reaction of some Indians isn’t as he hopes, despite the fact that he and his cronies (seen below) act in unison to garner attention and promote themselves. Farzana Hassan also works at the Toronto Sun and blogs at the HuffPost but despite that has less than 200 followers….so that what she needs….why not learn sensationalism from the guy who has used it all his life? Seems like there is a clear trend at the Toronto Sun and the HuffPost who may be following in the footsteps of Fox News and its hosts who thrive in hysteria and hate.

Owning the Delhi Rape Case - Tarek Fatah

This women hits the nail on the head…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see right through this.

Owning the Delhi Rape Case Reaction of Indians - Tarek Fatah

Just in case, we’ll provide you the context. This is Mr Fatah expressing his thoughts on wanting to “OWN” the Malala Yousufzai story…another girl, this much less than 15 years old, who was a victim of the Taliban. His mindset is the same regardless of the issue…interject with holier than thou anger and shaming and use that to further sensationalize yourself and then keep writing and tweeting about it and then doing a program about it on the radio station. Its a working gimmick that this cretin has used to great affect. You see, when Malala Yousufzai got attacked, Tarek Fatah did the same finger waiving, shaming and point scoring at other peoples’ expense…collectively. Here he is advising a his Baloch terrorist associates that should OWN the story so that collectively they can continue the same routine they’ve been using on other issues. It almost always involves one party who is the ultimate angel and another party who is the ultimate bad guy and Tarek Fatah and his goons are the holier than thou voices of Canadian liberalism, who are actually bigoted shrills who advance themselves at the expense of others.

Tarik Fatah to OWN the Malalayousufzai story

And just in case Tarek didn’t get all the attention he wanted, he is now berating the parents of the victim because they want their privacy…shut up Tarek, its none of your damned business! They just lost their daughter in the most horrific way imaginable and the entire world is watching them in their hour of grief…do you have no shame at all?!

Tarek Fatah hates family of Delhi Rape Victim

In the middle of 2012 Mr Fatah attended a Jewish event in Toronto where he attempted to exploit the fears of his audience. Unfortunately for him, they were more sophisticated than he gave them credit for. A glimpse into Tarek Fatah’s experience at the event;

Tarek Fatah:

“You better get out of that! You better get inside the Democratic Party and the NDP. I am telling you that originally NDP, in 1967 when you won the war, the NDP had a convention, and the entire council of the NDP celebrated, standing applause for the great victory of Israel over Egypt. You come back to just 3 years ago, one member of the parliament from the NDP stood up and she was booed. That was the woman with the complicated last Polish name. She was not allowed to speak! And this is the same party from over 35 years – have you accomplished anything or have you lost something? Don’t deceive yourselves – you lost out on the NDP that was the single biggest supporter of the state of Israel and the Jewish community… I have argued with people who don’t like that I learned from the Jews…

“You are being supported by right wing Nazis for crying out loud! This is a problem; we cannot accept that, you cannot get somebody from the religious right. You have to get back to the roots that created you. People who created … I am saying this as a friend, there are people like for example Ateek who was mentioned here, I have known him for 20 years, he is outspoken, he has been for the Jewish state and has told so to the Palestinian students. Please don’t offend your friends. Thank you very much!”

When the Q&A session was announced, Mark Vandermaas was the second person to ask a question:

Mark: “This is for Mr. Fatah. I grew up in a non-Jewish household; my parents lived under the Nazi occupation during the Holocaust. I served in the Middle East as a UN peacekeeper. Recently, in 2011 I conducted a 28-day vigil outside of a mosque in London to protest their direct support for the boat to Gaza. In 2012, in response to students being intimidated at the Western Ontario University, I created the first Israel Truth Week Conference [applause], also, after the conference the Canadian Society of Yad Vashem suggested to me that if I get 50 people together, they’ll provide a bus to take Christians to the national Holocaust ceremony, where I received the honour of my life being asked to participate in the candlelight ceremony. And I came here today from London, which is two hours drive, hopefully to hook up with members of CIJR to talk if they can help me produce the next Israel Truth Conference in 2013, which will be in one of the largest Christian churches in Hamilton. My parents were very active in the NDP. Throughout my entire adult life I voted conservative, and I hold conservative values today, and if I were in the United States, I would vote for Romney and Ryan [applause] and my question to you is: we don’t know each other and you don’t know anything about me, am I a Nazi, Sir? Am I a Nazi?”

Tarek: [inaudible]

Moderator: He asked if he is a Nazi.

Tarek: That’s obviously a question in extremely bad faith and manners and it reflects a lot of your hostility. I would be very dishonest, if I said that you asked this question in good faith.

Mark: Sir, I asked this question at the urging of the CIJR Chair Mr. Kincler as I was standing by the door, after asking what I should do, but please don’t accuse me of dishonesty.

Tarek: [yelling] Don’t bully me! I am no one’s patsy and I am not taking bullying from anyone, you understand that? I have had my family fight for the Jews, don’t give me that crap! How dare you play games with me! You think you can bully me? That’s why the Republicans… you support the Republicans and the people become anti-Israeli, because bullies like YOU who try to intimidate ME and then support… [booing]

Moderator: [moves to another question]

This narrative of the event came from http://www.blogwrath.com/israel-2/jews-in-a-box-or-tarek-fatahs-strange-speech/3640/

Obviously, Tarek was following the principle “it’s my way or no way”. Otherwise it would be difficult to explain the rude emotional outburst with which he reacted to the calmly asked question. This was supposed to be a scholarly conference and he could’ve used the opportunity to clarify his position in the answer, but his behaviour was at odds with the atmosphere of the event.

Many of the participants, who came to Mark to shake his hand and congratulate him after that, thought the same way. No matter how hard Mr. Fatah tries, he can’t separate anti-Semitism from Marxism. Marx had clearly defined anti-Jewish views.

How can you call him a friend? With the friends that Mr. Fatah recommends, Israel doesn’t need enemies.

Other than the distortion of reality caused by the Marxist lens through which Mr. Fatah observes the world, there is another important issue, which is not limited to him.

I call it “boxing of the Jews” (like putting them in a confined space). The problem is that so many different people are trying to put the Jews in a box to fit their own agenda – for people like Marx and Hitler Jews epitomize the pure greed (an old anti-Semitic image). For well-meaning progressives like Mr. Fatah, all misfortunes of the Jews and Israel come from the fact that they are not left-wing enough.

Despite having different agenda, both attitudes display the same flaw – they paint the Jews like a class of kindergarten kids, who must behave in a certain way to be liked. In both cases they are expected to lose their specific individuality.

Presenting the Jews as a monolithic group, which would solve all of its problems by going to the NDP or the Democratic Party (or any other ideological flavour of the day) is beyond ridiculous.

Below is from one of the organizers of that event

The site can be found here – http://scaramouchee.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-sad-spectacle-of-tarek-fatahs.html

The Sad Spectacle of Tarek Fatah’s Meltdown

Saramouche Incident 1

Saramouche Incident 2

Its devious of Tarek Fatah to visit the Jewish community and attempt to incite them against a ‘nuclear Pakistan that poses the most palpable danger’ while turning to Pakistanis and telling them that Jewish Generals from India were responsible for the dismemberment of the country in 1971…playing two groups of people against one another is classic Tarek Fatah xenophobia, fear and division tactics.  We thank the members of the Jewish community for seeing through this sociopath.

Tarek Fatah the schmuck 8

Sorry Mr Fatah, looks like many people see through your fake western liberal facade for what you really are…an insidious cretin who is exploiting the fears and worst characteristics of people in our society to advance yourself.

Lets top this post off with some irony Tarek Fatah style

Arent you ashamed of misusing twitter - Tarek Fatah

@tarekfatah #tarekfatahbigot


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