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Tarek Fatah applauds terrorism against Pakistan #tarekfatahbigot

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Tarek Fatah Photo

As Pakistanis struggle to keep up with the sudden increase in bombings and killings, we are not even able to count our dead when another incident takes place. The absolute and utter devastation we all feel cannot be put into words…..it is heartbreaking to see our country and us as a people being dehumanized by so many people around the world, including our allies in the West. Why are all 180 million of us being punished and killed on a daily basis because of the actions of a few? Why are we ALL held accountable for belonging to one ethnic or religious or lingual group? And how does anything justify blowing us up and killing us in our streets, markets, in our places of worship, at our weddings, our funerals and our other gatherings?

Pakistanis die in record numbers while foreigners incite hatred 2 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pakistanis die in record numbers while foreigners incite hatred 4

Pakistanis die in record numbers while foreigners incite hatred 1

Why are people like Tarek Fatah being given such prominence to spew so much hatred against us while we suffer from one act of terrorism after another?! He calls it “WAR”….we ask him…if you are so concerned about this issue and think you have it right…come live here and experience it yourself rather than inciting people to kill Pakistanis from the comfort of your home in Canada!

29/12/2012 – As the brutal execution of 21 Pakistani security forces at the hands of the Taliban is announced, Mr Tarek Fatah is sneering at and ridiculing the event and Pakistanis. News breaks and nobody says a thing about anybody but the militants that Tarek Fatah actually supports, he puts words into our mouths about conspiracies and then he ridicules us as we are burying our dead and grieving the loss of our world. He is also referring to Government forces as “POW”s…which means he is clearly saying that he feels that this is a legitimate war against the Pakistani state. He doesn’t refer to the terrorists as “terrorists”…Pakistani army forces fighting militants are not POWs…they are hostages! Also, the newspaper article he links to makes no claims about anybody other than the Taliban having carried out the massacre. Mr Fatah has no shame. It does however fit into his wider narrative about Pakistan being a legitimate target, albeit his focus is mostly on Baloch militants.

21 PK soldiers killed Fatah calls them POW and ridicules 29.12.2012


Twenty-one kidnapped Levies killed by Pakistani Taliban

This is what the Taliban militants look like…the ones Mr Fatah says took Pakistani forces as “POW”s, or Prisoners of War….what war Mr Fatah? Are you saying that militants killing Pakistanis are fighting a legitimate war?!

Militants Tarek Fatah says are fighting legitimate war


Taliban release video of brutal killing of 27 Pakistani soldiers


Execution of Pk soldiers 1

Execution of Pk soldiers 2

29/12/2012 This is a particularly insidious tweet. Militants often accuse innocent people of being “ISI Agents” and justify their killing….Mr Fatah is very well aware of this fact. Akhtar Mengal is one of the icons of the militants killing Pakistanis. Within just the last few days there have been several terrorist bombings, massacres of shias and a massacre of state forces by Taliban militants. Pakistan and her civilians are under attack as Tarek Fatah incites hatred against its people. Here he is further arguing for de-legitimization of Pakistan. The ISI is the bogeyman of Baloch militants and Mr Fatah knows that, which is why is he trying to paint Pakistani media with the ISI label and to thereby refer to them as legitimate targets. He must be aware that Human Rights Watch has repeatedly condemned Tarek Fatah’s Baloch terrorist friends for killing teachers, barbers, laborers…AND JOURNALISTS! He is also certainly aware that Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists…..this is incitement to murder without a shadow of a doubt! Below his tweet is a picture of a teacher killed by Tarek Fatah’s Baloch terrorist friends. Why? Because they didn’t give coverage to his Huffington Post article? He is playing a very dangerous game!

Overt support of Baloch terrorism 29.12.2012 - 1

teachers killed by BLA

29/12/2012 To give you an idea of what else is happening on the ground in Pakistan as Mr Fatah cheers the terrorists on. You will notice in this screen shot that various militants are using twitter to communicate with one another to announce their successes in killing Pakistani security personnel and destroying public infrastructure. What is even more shocking is that these militant groups are openly able to announce VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNTS OF TERRORIST GROUPS.  These are the people that Mr Fatah is supporting…you can see the detailed reports about him below

BRA Cheering terrorism 1

28/12/2012 – More terrorist fist bumping as stories continue to emerge in national news that dozens are dying throughout Pakistan in massacres and bombings!

BRA Cheering terrorism 2

We did not examine American Jihad Watch further but noticed that they were on the page also. We are dismayed that they are referring to the group as an “ARMY” rather than a terrorist group. Civilians are being killed! Ethnic cleansing is taking place!

BRA Cheering terrorism 3

There are simply too many incidents taking place on a daily basis to be summarized here..you can view these two incidents, perform a google search on ‘Pakistan bomb December 2012’, or you can read the other posts below.


19 killed in bus bomb in Balochistan


2 - current situation in Pakistan



17 Dead, scores injured – Bomb


3 - current situation in Pakistan

We implore the Government of Canada to take action against this terrorist sympathizer and media adviser. People are dying and this man has been given platform to dehumanize and create ethnic, religious and other divisions that he can then exploit to advance his own career. Please put a stop to @tarekfatah ! #tarekfatahbigot

Also, please be sure to read the rest of the posts below to see a more detailed view of this man’s insidious activities.


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