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Ethnic cleansing and terrorism – putting Tarek Fatah’s hate speech in context

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The British colonial enterprise categorized people according to ethnic groups and formed stereotypes about them more than 150 years ago. These Baloch terrorist groups still follow those sayings and believe very much in their applicability even today. Below is a map showing how the British viewed the primary ethnic groups of each of the four provinces of Pakistan, the idea was always which trick to use to keep the natives subordinate to the colonial enterprise. Today, these Baloch terrorists still believe that they are the only honorable people in this land and are therefore entitled to cleanse it of other ethnic groups. Racism is the largest part of the Baloch “independence” groups, which are in actuality, terrorist groups carrying out ethnic cleansing. Please keep reading ->

They still quote the racist stereotyping of colonists from more than 100 years ago.

They still quote the racist stereotyping of colonists from more than 100 years ago.

This school teacher was a victim of ethnic cleansing

teachers killed by BLA

3/7/2012 Colonel Ralph Peters of the US army, who drew a new map of the entire region broken up into new pieces [he is no friend of Pakistan] says this – 


Peters calls the Baloch to clean their house of human rights violators because Baloch extremists represent a very serious threat to their cause: “I am very concerned with Baloch extremists. Killing teachers and doctors is just dumb. It might feel good as revenge but it is not going to win you friends in Washington. Assassinating these folks is just hurting their movement.”

In his view, such extremists represent more than just the inability of the Baloch leadership to control all factions under the umbrella of Baloch nationalism. They also illustrate one of the major problems undermining the insurgency at the operational level: “The Baloch need tactical purpose. You don’t just kill Punjabi teachers because you don’t want them teaching in your schools. You kill those committing the atrocities– the Pakistani agents and enforcers.”

Yes, Mr Peters…the following victims were all identified by Baloch terrorists as Pakistani agents and enforcers, even teachers, journalists, doctors, NGO workers, barbers, laborers, government workers, etc  Please continue to read this blog to find out what these “freedom fighters” are doing in the name of “independence”….its called ethnic cleansing and terrorism.

BBC correspondent in Quetta threatened by Baloch Liberation Front – Reporters Without Borders Alarmed


“Unless the authorities take firm action against those who attack the media, and deploy effective measures to ensure the safety of journalists, we fear there will be no significant progress in the coming weeks.”

Tareen told Reporters Without Borders yesterday he was forced to leave Quetta after the BLF accused him of partisan reporting on its political activities and threatened him.

Several Quetta-based news organizations received a statement from BLF spokesman Basham Baluch issued via the news agency Pakistan News Network International saying it was boycotting the BBC’s Urdu service because of the “partial attitude” of Tareen and adding: “We inform high-ups of BBC to take notice of their correspondent’s partial behavior.”

He went on: “Otherwise, we would be forced to take strict action.”

The Balochistan Union of Journalists also condemned the threats, describing attempts by the BLF to influence coverage of its activities as “extremely undemocratic, non-political and immoral”.

Tareen was the target of similar threats from the BLF last year, when he was also forced to leave Quetta temporarily.

Six journalists have been killed this year in Pakistan, which is ranked in 151st of 179 countries in the 2011-2012 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders.

On 28 May, Vsh TV reporter Abdul Qadir Hajizai died of his wounds after he was shot by two men on a motorcycle in Basima, in Washuk District. Balochistan was classified as one of the world’s 10 most dangerous places for journalists by Reporters Without Borders last year.

6/7/2012 Baloch “Independence Groups” kill 19 bus passengers in ethnic cleansing campaign

Ethnic cleansing by Baloch terrorists

27/5/2012 Baloch “Independence Groups” kill teachers and their children

Baloch Teacher killed by Baloch independence groups


Mr Jamali belonged to Jaffarabad district and had worked at the school for several years.

Jeiand Baloch, a spokesman for the outlawed Baloch Liberation Army, claimed responsibility for the attack on behalf of his group.

He said that Mr Jamali “worked for state agencies” and for that reason he was eliminated.

8/9/2012 Baloch “independence group” kills other ethnic Baloch for not supporting their terrorism


15/2/2012 Baloch “independence group” kills 7 laborers in ethnic cleansing campaign


According to reports, the labourers, who belonged to Waziristan, were working for a private construction company building the Turbat-Buleda Road. They were in their camp in Masken, around 120kms north of Turbat, when eight armed men surrounded the camp, lined up seven labourers and sprayed them with bullets. All seven men were killed on the spot. The armed men separated two local labourers and allowed them to go.

Take a look the terrorists behind these crimes…except for “Dr” Allah Nazer, they mostly live in London, Switzerland and the United States. Does everybody keep forgetting the term, “BLOW BACK”?!! The Taliban were also once described by admiring Western politicians and senior armed forces personnel as “freedom fighters” only to call them terrorists 10 years later and to fight a USD 1 trillion War on Terror against them. Are the lessons of history not being learned, or are they purposely being forgotten?

Dr Allah Nazer BLF Chief with Baloch Militants

More of the same – this individual is Akbar Bugti; a tribal Chief of the “Bugti” tribe. A primitive tribe engaged in the most horrendous acts of savagery. Known to keep prisoners in dungeons and to hand out the most extreme forms of punishment to the people living under his tribal rule, this “Sardar” was killed by a military operation after he declared war on the government.

akbar-bugti savages

These two individuals are Brahamdagh Bugti, grand-son of the above savage, and Balach Marri, member of another similar primitive tribe. It is custom that the people of “noble birth” such as members of the tribal Chief’s family, sit on chairs while everyone else is required to sit on the ground. Nobody is allowed to walk away with their back towards them, they are the self proclaimed royal family of their people and are brutally subjugating them. They are a people entirely consumed with perception, ego, tribalism, ethnicity, and terrorism. Do not let the facade of civility fool you, simply google their history to learn more.

Brahamdagh Bugti Savage

This is the same person without this tribal adornments… prepared to fool a western audience into granting him asylum and supporting his campaign of ethnic cleansing

Brahamdagh Bugti - terrorist at large

Guilty of terrorism and ethnic cleansing

The same two individuals once again…different faces for different audiences. The wide posing and eye popping are part of their tribal psychology.

Bugti primitive savages

Below is Shahzain Bugti, first cousin of the above Brahamdagh Bugti. Their grand father expelled and exiled 700 people from their homes because they belonged to a sub-clan, some of whose members had a dispute with the Bugti Chief.

Primitive thinking on open display, clans and exiling still a factor in 2013

Primitive thinking on open display, clans and exiling still a factor in 2013


In reply to a question about the issue of ‘Kalpars’ (people of the Bugti sub-clan expelled from Dera Bugti), he accused the federal government of interfering in the affairs of the Bugti tribe.

“Are Islamabad and petty government servants our uncles to dictate against the decision of Bugti jirga,” Mr Shahzain said, adding that elders of the tribe representing 150,000 individuals had taken a decision to expel 700 Kalpars.

“The will of jirga and the majority has to be respected.”

These “Jirgas”, or a gathering of tribal elders, is actually just the tribal Chief and several yes-men who still dole out primitive punishments. In this case, one of the Bugti Chief’s family members, Shahzain Bugti, is offended that the outside world would take exception to expelling and exiling 700 people because of enmity between the Chief and some members of that clan. These are the same Jirgas that carry out honor killings, impose punishments that require families to surrender their daughters, lock people up in dungeons in the farm houses of Brahamdagh and Shahzain Bugti’s grandfather, “Nawab” Akbar Bugti.

But while ethnic cleansing takes place, carried out by Baloch terrorists and clearly observed by the world, some foreign media commentators are cheering it on and inciting hatred and terrorism against the local people being ethnically cleansed [i.e. Punjabis and Urdu speaking people in Balochistan]. Tarek Fatah is a Canadian media commentator and we have captured his hate speech, which in many cases is delivered to precisely the audience that is carrying out the ethnic cleansing. Please read more on this blog to see the most damning evidence against this hate monger.

Here he is fully endorsing the actions of the terrorists and suggesting that the government is an “Islamic army”. Pakistan is a democratic country with a parliament that has been voted in by the public. The parliament consists of an alliance of various secular political parties. Mr Fatah is fully aware of this so he is fully aware how grossly inaccurate his statement is. The fact is that he is supporting terrorism.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 9

Readers…does the above look like a “War of Independence” to you? Does the alleged crime of one person justify the murder and ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands?

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 11

This is nothing if not hate speech

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 15

You can see Mr Fatah is in direct communication with the terrorists sympathizers on the ground. In other posts on this blog we have shown these twitter associates of Mr Fatah announcing kills and bombings on civilians which they proudly claimed. We encourage you to read further

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 12

The Baloch leaders in question are not being accepted by the West because of the fact that they are guilty of terrorism. Yet, Mr Fatah is disappointed in their ability to sell themselves. You can tell however that he is completely involved.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 14

Repeatedly announcing that a country is dead while supporting ethnic cleansing and terrorism against a sovereign country is most likely a crime in Canada, and is most certainly a crime in Pakistan. Action must be taken in both jurisdictions.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 16

He is not only reciting the same partition plans of the terrorists, but he fully endorses them. He is further expressing his surprise that other ethnic groups are not trying to make ethnically pure states…this is in 2013 and from a media commentator in Canada!!  He refers to the “Freedom Charter” of a terrorist named Hyrbyar Marri who is wanted for numerous acts of terrorism in Pakistan.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 25

Remember the threats to journalists? Well, Mr Fatah would not be a certified violence inciter without ensuring that he hits all the notes…it makes our job of convicting him much easier. Incitement to murder, terrorism, ethnic cleansing and violence are all the more serious when they are actually happening as the incitement is taking place.

Overt support of Baloch terrorism 29.12.2012 - 1

Punjabis and Urdu speaking people [aka Muhajirs] are being targeted by the Baloch terrorists as you can see from all the information posted on this blog

Tarek Fatah ethnic hate mongering 1

Prior to 1971 Pakistan and Bangladesh were one country separated by more than 1000km of [hostile] Indian territory. There were tragically widespread massacres and ethnic cleansing campaigns before the the two split to form separate countries. Balochistan on the other hand is a contiguous part of the country and has been since its founding. All ethnic groups have been settled in all parts of the country for generations, and Mr Fatah is aware of that fact. He is also aware that these terrorists are killing teachers, laborers and others on the pretext that they are of a different ethnic group. Pakistan is a United Nations Member country and this media commentator is not only inciting violence against the state by referring to Balochistan as an “illegal occupation”…that is as absurd as saying that the US is illegally occupying New York or that Canada is illegally occupying Ontario and that some group should carry out violence against the government as a legitimate struggle for “freedom”. You can see above that this is anything but legitimate. That he refers to this issue as the “soft underbelly” reveals his intention to exploit this issue to advance his career…he feels there will be momentum. We say this with some authority due to the time we have spent studying this man and composing this blog entirely around him and the issues he has been inciting hatred over. A lot more is contained in numerous posts on this site.

Tarek Fatah support for terrorism

Typical dehumanization; it makes it easier to come to terms with the killings

Tarek Fatah ethnic hate mongering 2

Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the Founder of Pakistan. Kutchi, Gujrati, Sindhi are other ethnic-lingual groups. Mr Fatah’s liberal tolerance in full display here

Tarek Fatah ethnic hate mongering 3

One wonders what his obsession with ethnicity is. Does he not pretend to be an enlightened liberal?

Tarek Fatah ethnic hate mongering 4

Is is a fact that the Baloch terrorists refer to other ethnic groups with the same sort of slurs, i.e. products of rape of Hindu women by Arab invaders. Racial superiority is a major part of the terrorist movement, the terrorists consider themselves distinct and more honorable; and let us be clear, they do not even represent a fraction of the Baloch population in Pakistan.

Tarek Fatah ethnic hate mongering 5

Again, Urdu speaking people have been made targets of ethnic cleansing based on precisely these sorts of slogans.

Tarek Fatah ethnic hate mongering 6

The above tweets by this well known [in certain parts of Canada & Pakistan only] media commentator represent only a fraction of what we have collected on him. Below are far more damaging incidents of hate speech which we intend to respond to through legal means in Canada and in Pakistan. We encourage you to read further

After we put this site up, Mr Fatah noticed it and, of course, it must be an ISI conspiracy to defame “his efforts against jihadists”. Yes Mr Fatah, those dead teachers and civilians of various ethnic groups were a deadly force to be reckoned with and you dealt with them and now the ISI is out to get you…just like the 14 year old Somali girl who cursed you on Twitter and you tried to have her arrested as an Al Qaeda supporter. The police tried to reason with you but you lost your cool and started accusing them of complacency. Sometimes people are just people Mr Fatah, they are not evil institutions that are either out to destroy you and the western civilization, and neither should you be trying to destroy others. You are guilty of hate speech and inciting terrorism, plain and simple. And for your information, we are most definitely not with the ISI..you conspiracy nut..get some help!  We are ordinary citizens of mixed ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds and we are appalled by your hatred. We suffer from terrorism and violence while you spread hatred and cheer murder.

Tarek Fatah sees ISI everywhere. Conspiracy nut

As you can see from his next post after both sides had recognized each other, this man is totally unrepentant about his actions. A regular twitter follower of his with whom he has friendly interactions attempts to persuade him to soften his hateful comments, perhaps to a level more acceptable in a civilized society, and he ups the ante even further. This one is specially for those in Pakistan who consider him a friendly liberal

10/1/2013 – de-legitimization   and de-humanization are an important part of terrorist propaganda.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 1

10/1/2013 – Here Mr Fatah is calling for the dismemberment of the country along ethnic lines, something that is unthinkable for a multicultural society like Canada or the US. Another problem with his demands are that all provinces of Pakistan have had people of different ethnic, religious and language backgrounds for hundreds of years. Balochistan for example is almost 50% composed of Pashtuns, a different ethnic group. Yet another ethnic group that predates the “Baloch” in this same area are the “Brahui” or “Brohi”, who are distinct from the Baloch in ethnicity and language. “Hazaras” are another group that live in Balochistan and have been specifically targeted by extremists carrying out ethnic cleansing campaigns. Just 1 day after this rant, more than 100 people died in a series of terrorist bombings carried out against non-“Baloch” ethnic minorities and government personnel. The largest Pashtun city in the world is not in Pakhtunkhwa or in Afghanistan or in Balochistan, but in Karachi, Sindh. That city also happens to be the largest city for many other ethnic and religious groups including Ismailis, Boris, Baloch, Memons, Sindhis and many other groups. The same holds true for Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan. Mr Fatah is very aware of these realities and is making blatantly disingenuous statements of this sort because he is willfully inciting terrorism. As a matter of fact, the President of Pakistan as of this date is a Baloch by the name of Asif Ali Zardari, and he also happens to be a Shia. The Balochistan provincial government consists of political parties that were elected into parliament and it is Baloch dominated. Also at the moment, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is from Balochistan. To say that this group is being systematically discriminated against and the terrorist groups that Mr Fatah supports are therefore justified in their actions is criminal behavior, especially as it is done from a platform of Canadian, US and British mainstream media.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 2

10/1/2013 – As Mr Fatah communicates these falsehoods to Indians, tensions are escalating between Pakistan and India because of border skirmishes. Mr Fatah again directs hatred towards ethnic groups despite the fact that the President of the country is a Baloch and is by all accounts the most powerful man in Pakistan.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 5

10/1/2013 – You can see his campaign of hate is working. A Mr Richard Parker is talking about India carrying out a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Pakistan, while Mr Hazra is suggesting that foreign forces should accumulate to support Baloch terrorist groups, and Mr Bhatt is simply retweeting Mr Fatah’s hatefully titled article aimed at dehumanization and de-legitimization.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 6

10/1/2013 – Note here that Mr Fatah is making generalizations about 180 million Pakistanis hating Hindus to a group of over-enthusiastic Indians who’re looking for reasons to hate Pakistan to begin with. The term he used for Pakistan’s independence is “Manufacture”…it doesn’t get clearer than that.  The above violence against Punjabis and the implication that they are behind all the evils of Pakistan is a theme among Baloch terrorists and since Mr Fatah is in daily communication with them to share such views, he is fully aware of the impact of such incitement. Furthermore, Balochistan was not invaded and occupied by the Pakistan army…and Mr Fatah is aware of that fact also.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 7

10/1/2013 – More mature Indians see through the ridiculous incitement Mr Fatah offers as  way to gain followers. We appreciate Mr Naseer Ganai’s clear sightedness.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 8

10/1/2013 – It is hard for one to call a country a “demon” and then argue that you were not demonizing it.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 9

10/1/2013 – “Demon” is just one of the many derogatory words Mr Fatah has for Pakistan and Pakistanis of all stripes and colors. Mr Vinay Chawla seems to be a man of advanced age but yet enjoys the hatred as much as a teenage soccer hooligan. The fact that they acknowledge the word “hate” is important because they realize exactly what they are doing.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 10

10/1/2013 – Here a Dr Shazia Nawaz is asking Mr Fatah to soften his hatred towards Pakistan and Pakistanis. A translation of Mr Fatah’s response here is basically him saying that Pakistanis are themselves responsible for being the victims and he thus has no loyalty for the country. This is a theme of Mr Fatah’s: he perversely accused the victims of being the terrorists and thus liable for further terrorism.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 11

10/1/2012 – As bombs are going off and Pakistanis are dying in record numbers from such terrorist attacks, this Canadian media commentator is cheering and ridiculing the victims by saying they’re killing themselves. “Jinnah” refers to ‘Mohammad Ali Jinnah’ the Founder of the country and the implication here is that the country is illegitimate and all its people are orphans. He is also clearly saying throughout that the country does not have a right to exist and that the terrorists are fighting a “War of Independence”..that is blatant support for terrorism!

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 12

10/1/2012 – Later in the same day as more bombs go off throughout the country, this “liberal” is making jokes about the night being young and thus, he is looking forward to more casualties among “Jinnah’s Orphans”. Please notice that this constitutes dehumanization of people that are being murdered as he’s saying this, and lest you forget, much of the audience he intentionally developed through direct contacts are the Baloch terrorists carrying out this killing.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 4

10/1/2012 – The sheer inhumanity of suggesting that the victims are killing themselves is beyond unforgivable. He has been running his commentary throughout the day and while he and his followers rejoice in the murder of fellow human beings.

Tarek Fatah's hate speech against Pakistan 3

11/1/2013 – This is the incident that Mr Fatah is making jokes about and trying to score points over. More than 100 people died in a single day and the families were shocked with grief-

Hazara Killings in Quetta Jan 2013 - 1

12/1/2013 – The families of the victims refuse to bury their dead, more than 85 bodies are placed in the streets of the city of Quetta and bring the city to a standstill. The protestors demand that the provincial government of Balochistan, run by mostly Balochis, be stripped of power and the army take over the city to provide security to the citizens.

Hazara Killings in Quetta Jan 2013 - 2


Press Trust of India

ISLAMABAD, 12 JAN: Hundreds of minority Shia Hazaras continued their sit-in protest for a second day today in south-west Pakistan’s terror-hit Quetta, refusing to bury the over 80 victims of bomb attacks till the army takes control of the city to improve security.

What is the sentiment of the Baloch Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mr Aslam Raisani regarding the issue of ethnic cleansing of Hazaras from Balochistan? Here Mr Aslam Raisani is speaking of 40 shias killed in a similar incident in Mashtung, Balochistan


“Of the millions who live in Baluchistan, 40 dead in Mastung is not a big deal. I will send a truckload of tissue papers to the bereaved families,”

“The security situation in Baluchistan is satisfactory.”

Is Mr Aslam Raisani not an ethnic Baloch?


Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani (Urdu: نواب محمد اسلم خان رئیسانی‎) (born July 5, 1955 in Sarawan, Balochistan) is the current Chief Minister of Balochistan. He is also the chief of the Raisani tribe of the Sarawan area.[1] Being the eldest son of late Nawab Ghous Baksh Raisani, he took over as the chief of Raisani tribe. Raisani tribe is one of the most politically influential tribes in Baluchistan, the largest province of Pakistan by area.

Is the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, not an ethnic Baloch?


A Sindhi from a landowning tribe of Baloch origin, Zardari rose to prominence after his marriage to Bhutto in 1987. Between 1993 and 1996, he held various cabinet positions in the second Bhutto administration.

None of the above matters to people who are intentionally inciting terrorism. This one of Mr Fatah’s many rants against Shias that you will find on this blog. Baloch are a group he incites to violence. Anybody who will listen, anywhere there is division, Mr Fatah is there doing his incitement.

Shia-Sunni incitement 3 - tarek fatah

Shia-Sunni incitement 1 - tarek fatah


13/1/2013 – What is Mr Fatah’s response to a journalist who asks him what his views are on the killing of Shias in Quetta? He was “put off” by the reaction of the victims!! Nowhere did any of the victims’ families chant “death to America”, but since when did truth matter to this hate monger? You can see his incitement has the desired impact and his twitter associates are roundly condemning the victims for being anti-American- they are actually not..they are simply victims of terrorism.

Tarek Fatah on the killings of Hazaras in Quetta blast 1


This is one of Mr Fatah’s many Baloch terrorist associates on twitter. He is not only a propagandist for them, he is also their media adviser while also inciting hatred in Pakistan.

Tarik Fatah and Baloch Terrorism 12

11/1/2012 – These people are among the twitter follows of Mr Fatah and they also happen to be Baloch terrorist supporters. This individual named Khalid Al Raees seems to be based in Bahrain and is tweeting mostly in Balochi, but is saying that he is thrilled about the deaths of hundreds of shias in Balochistan. He is making comments which need no further explanation or repetition. We will be providing a more thorough translation in due course.

Baloch Terrorists against Shias 2

11/1/2013 – These terrorist sympathizers are both cheering the murder of Pakistan state forces but also the killings of Shias in record numbers. They are also professing their support for Sheikh Khalifa of Bahrain because of his crackdown on Shias. The background is that the Bahrain government imported many individuals from Balochistan to suppress the local Shia population and the Arab Spring in that country naturally brought retribution from that local population against the foreign forces oppressing them. This group tweeting below is making no distinction between Shias in Bahrain and Shias in Balochistan or Shias anywhere else for that matter.

Baloch Terrorists against Shias 6

More of the same high fiving

Baloch Terrorists against Shias 7

11/1/2013 – Here this same group of Baloch terrorist sympathizers is hypocritically stating their total opposition to the demands of Bahrains population for “freedom” while demanding the same for themselves through a campaign of hatred and ethnic cleansing

Baloch Terrorists against Shias 8

The terrorists reject the Baloch run provincial government, the reject the President who is also a Baloch, they reject the Supreme Court whose Chief is also from Balochistan and they launch terrorism against the state, minorities and anybody who doesn’t agree with them. They are based in Balochistan, Afghanistan, and parts of the Western world.

Baloch Terrorists based in Afghanistan 2

11/1/2013 – These Baloch terrorist sympathizers are announcing kills, blessing themselves for the murder of civilians and state forces and generally doing what terrorists do.

Baloch Terrorists cheering murders 1

11/1/2013 – This is a screenshot of a Baloch terrorist news outlet. They are cheering the fact that one of theirs threw a grenade into the office of the state election commissioner in Balochistan and killed an official who they suspected of being a spy. Thus, Mr Fatah’s accusations of media people being ISI agents brings very real threats with it. This also demonstrates the problem with the Baloch terrorists; they are already represented in parliament and in government at all levels, they are bombing state institutions that are intended for their representation and then they are claiming to the world that they are being discriminated against.

Baloch Terrorists cheering murders 2

11/1/2013 – Announcing kills and terrorism. You can recognize the photo of Brahamdagh Bugti in the background who is now in Switzerland and is trying to lobby the western world to allow terrorists like him to form an ethnically pure state.

Baloch Terrorists cheering murders 3

More to come…please read the rest of this blog and be sure to facebook ‘like’ it and share it on twitter.


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  1. BLA is complimenting CIA & raw agenda. Inhuman acts of BLA enough proves of their militancy in Paksitan. Govt should take stern and ruthless action against terrorists in Balochistan and FATA.

    Hassan khan

    February 6, 2013 at 8:01 am

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