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Tarek Fatah’s blatant lies

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One of Mr Fatah’s favorite tricks is to accuse Muslims of accusing Jews, Hindus and Americans and then to play the best friend of the latter and the enemy of the former. It is part of a strategy of exploiting fear and hate that he has perfected. Below in this tweet he is suggesting that a Pakistani media outlet is accusing Jews, Americans and Hindus for the 2,000 deaths in Karachi. Please see the article first, the link is provided below for your reference

Tarek Fatah blatantly lies 1


The article in no way even comes close to mentioning Hindus, Jews or Americans, let alone accuse them of these crimes. There is absolutely no mention of any of these groups! Secondly, the citizens of Karachi are of mixed ethnic, religious and lingual groups. That includes Christians, Hindus, Zorastrians and many other groups. Exploitation of fear and hate…remember what we’ve said here…it will be his theme every time you come across him. We have his record for several months, we will be compiling a list of his blatant and outright lies right here for you to see after the 15th of January 2013.


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January 8, 2013 at 5:58 pm

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