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Taha Siddiqui – unprofessional, inappropriate & biased journalist

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Taha Siddiqui is a Pakistan based journalist who works for a range of media outlets abroad and Dawn/Express Groups within Pakistan. In the course of observing his tweets, we have found that he is more than happy to crack highly insensitive jokes about terrorism in Pakistan, accuse fellow journalists of being ISI agents (or at least close to them), insinuate that people who go for Tableegh (a non-political religious group) tend to marry teenagers and/or are involved in terrorism….in short, he is guilty of all the same behavior that he accuses people on the opposite end of the spectrum, i.e. calling journos foreign paid agents with hidden agendas. It does not behoove respected media outlets like The Christian Monitor, France 24, Huffington Post or any other professional media group to allow such individuals a voice on their platform. A journalist should be unbiased and should not throw around accusations without proof but as we have seen on many occasions, an open platform like Twitter brings out the nastiness that one would usually reserve for more private settings. Please read and judge for yourself….we did not collect all his tweets, just a sampling of roughly 18. We would also ask the New York Times, CS Monitor, France 24, Arte France, Express Media and Dawn if these are the types of messages they would like to send the 200 million people of Pakistan.


Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 18

Below Taha Siddiqui is making jokes about using Uzbeks to get past Airport Security. He is referencing a recent terrorist attack in which more than 20 people were killed and he finds nothing wrong in doing that.

Making jokes about recent terror attacks

Making jokes about recent terror attacks


Taha, although himself a Pakistani, uses terms like “Paki” which are considered derogatory. Though it is hard to understand what Taha was thinking when he posted this, it is offensive and totally inappropriate. To imply that “Pakis” worked as slaves to Saudis and that Pakistanis feel that Arabs are better than them….do we need to explain why such jokes by a journo are totally wrong?!

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 17

Here Taha Siddiqui is accusing a fellow journalist of being close to the Pakistani intelligence, ISI, an exclusively using the ISI as his sources. Such accusations are a mirror image of the type of accusations faced by Taha himself who is accused by many in Pakistan of being on the payroll of foreign agencies who have given him a mandate to defame Pakistan. Strange that he doesnt realize that he is guilty of the same sort of mudslinging.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 15

Same as above, Taha is accusing a fellow journalist of being in bed with the “deep state”, a reference to the ISI, simply because that journalist retweeted someone. When the shoe is on the other foot, Taha will protest.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 16

Express News has a known rivalry with Geo News and it showed in its broadcasting. This is a long standing business rivalry, but Taha once again sees the hand of the “deep state”…naturally he has no proof…just baseless allegations against the owners of Express Media Group

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 19

Invisible Hands is Taha accusing fellow journalist, Mubashir Lucman of being a stooge of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency. He makes the same accusation against mainstream politician, Imran Khan, leader of PTI. Once again, no proof.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 20



RAW is India’s intelligence agency while the Mossad is Israel’s. Here Taha is complaining about people throwing around accusations of journos being agents of RAW & Mossad. Hypocrisy, thy name is Taha!


Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 21

Apparently Taha finds it funny when people who vote for a mainstream political party such as PTI are called “stupid” and somehow regressive to the point that they will go back to the age of travel by camel.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 23


Tableegh is a non-political organization that promotes religious tolerance and peacefully spreading the message. Nowhere either in Pakistan or abroad has Tableegh ever been accused of extremism or terrorism. However, Taha Siddiqui sees nothing wrong in making crass jokes suggesting that people involved in Tableegh are involved in terrorism..he is essentially ridiculing the beliefs of people who follow Tableegh.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 13

Yet another joke from Taha wherein he dehumanizes young children who attend religious schools…this one is particularly reprehensible

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 24

Yes, this is an retweet, but it does reflect his thinking…no respect for other peoples’ beliefs

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 25

Here he is thrilled at the fact that a fellow journalist (with whom he disagrees) had his account hacked and the hacker has been posting messages using the account that ridicule the actual owner.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 12Tableegh is a non-political organization that promotes religious tolerance and peacefully spreading the message. Nowhere either in Pakistan or abroad has Tableegh ever been accused of extremism or terrorism. However, Taha Siddiqui sees nothing wrong in making crass jokes suggesting that people involved in Tableegh marry teenage girls. The story about a famous cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar, marrying a 17 year old girl was false, but it didnt stop Taha Siddiqui from making jokes not just about him marrying a teenage girl but also his religious beliefs.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 11Taha Siddiqui has demonstrated a tendency to disrespect the beliefs of others using innuendo. Here he is suggesting that the majority of Pakistanis (who are Sunni) are extremists and intolerant…ironic because Taha himself is quite intolerant but doesn’t realize his hypocrisy.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 14

This so-called journalist is making jokes about a terrorist attack at Karachi Intl Airport in which over 20 people died

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 10

Just a generic comment reflecting Taha Siddiquis negative mindset where everything Pakistani is somehow chaotic and inferior. Over 20 people died in a terrorist attack at the Karachi Airport (lasting several hours) and 8 were stuck in a cold storage and later died, but Taha Siddiqi felt this should not be given coverage.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 9

So far Pakistan has lost more than 20,000 armed forces personnel to terrorists and is currently at war with them. However, this journalist who several foreign media outlets have thought meets their standards is telling the public to stop glorifying the sacrifice of over 20,000 lives and instead on focus on criticizing them. Sensible people can understand that it is right to support the troops while also questioning those policies which are counterproductive. However, that is not Taha Siddiqui’s approach. Perhaps he feels that such a negative attitude towards his own country and its security forces will ingratiate him with his foreign media bosses? We here at K4Catalyst feel that sensible folks in media will reprimand such negativity and antagonism.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 8

Here Taha Siddiqui says that the Pakistan army always lies…ISPR is the PR wing of the Pakistan army. No respectable journalist would make such blanket comments, but Taha Siddiqui uses every opportunity to sling mud at those with whom he disagrees.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 7

Here Taha Siddiqui pays a compliment to another journalist, Saleem Safi, but refers to him as a hypernationalist for pointing out the importance of the Kashmir issue which is an issue even recognized by the United Nations. For those who dont know, Kashmir is a disputed territory where Indian forces have allegedly used kidnapping, torture, rape, murder and other methods to silence and suppress the indigenous population which has been demanding a referendum to determine their future. Ironically, Taha Siddiqui supports the Baloch militants on the same basis and sees nothing wrong with that.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 6While all over the world it is normal for people to support their troops during a time of war, Taha Siddiqui feels sickens by it and makes repeated points to the same affect.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 5

A typically sarcastic anti-army rant by this “journalist”, who happens to be working for several western media outlets.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 4Here Taha Siddiqui is making jokes about the army operation that much of Pakistan and indeed most of the world has been waiting for. North Waziristan area is widely reported by western intelligence sources and governments as being one of the major bases of terrorism not just in Pakistan, but across the world. More than 50,000 Pakistanis have been killed in these 10 years of terrorism while Taha Siddiqui feels it is appropriate to make fun of the armed forces fighting this scourge.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 2Here Taha Siddiqui is making false claims about the coastal area being sold by the military. According to Pakistani law, all land in the province of Sindh is owned by the provincial government of Sindh. Therefore, the only department/agency authorized to sell land, and indeed the only agency that owns the coastal areas is the provincial government of Sindh. As you will see further in this post, Taha Siddiqui has made it a point to dish out unproven accusations against the Pakistan army. Here he is accusing the Pakistan army of selling land and therefore being responsible for the plight of coastal communities devastating by flooding which followed a recent cyclone.

Taha Siddiqui's insensitive humor 3

If you have other examples of Taha Siddiquis offensive, inappropriate & unprofessional behavior, please send it to us to add to this collection.


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June 22, 2014 at 1:42 pm

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  1. A response from a former US State Dept official –

    Thanks for the detailed review and expose on Mr. Siddiqui. For sure we would not want someone like him involved in a Pak-US dialogue/exchange.

    The situation illustrates many issues worth further in-depth discussion.

    One I am particularly concerned about it the breakdown of professional standards particularly in the media. Journalism has long ago disappeared as a responsible profession with a sense of ethics, standards of behavior, and some degree of commitment to truth – the “fair and balanced” slogan of Fox News today (despite the irony that Fox itself is the most egregious violators of that same ideology).

    I will not go into detail today, but to just say that the very same beneficial, empowering mass access to communications technology has eroded to virtually zero the institutions that set standards of behavior, ethics and regulate what is published in the public domain. That freedom has empowered billions in ways none had dreamed of a few years earlier. But it has also freed every sick, crazy, violent, ideologue from Jihadi to Nazi, and left fewer effective institutions of any respect and authority to manage social development and interaction so as to avoid breakdowns that end in violence, as is happening in so many places around the world today. The same media that empowers learning facilitates the spread of hate, intolerance and violence.


    June 22, 2014 at 6:49 pm

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