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Gul Bukhari – A Foul Mouthed & Hateful Columnist

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Gul Bukhari is a Pakistani columnist whose focus is on womens’ rights and secularism. The reason she is on this website is because of her tendency to dehumanize those with whom she disagrees, the disrespect she heaps onto the beliefs of others and the foul manner in which she  engages. Please read a sampling of her tweets and judge for yourself….also, please feel free to leave your comments, they will not be censored, except if you’ve used the type of vulgarity Ms Bukhari has a penchant for. Though Ms Bukhari calls herself a liberal, liberals in the west we know would cringe at the thought of being placed in the same category as someone with such reprehensible behavior. This is not liberalism and she is no liberal!


Gul Bukhari 0

On 17th June 2014, Canada based anti-Taliban cleric’s offices in Lahore were attacked by the Punjab Police in the middle of the night. They had allegedly come to remove barriers that had been present for years without issue, but this time, they killed 11 peaceful protestors in an incident that has widely been condemned by all sections of Pakistani society. In fact, even the Punjab government itself acknowledged that a grave injustice had been done resulting in the resignation of Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah. To put things in perspective, we have added a few photos showing the loss of innocent lives following which we have provided a sampling of Ms Bukhari’s humor relating to this incident. We should make clear that we are not supporters of this organization and have no affiliation with any political or religious group. We are simply outraged at the insensitivity of those whom our respectable media outlets provide a platform to voice their bigoted & hateful opinions.

Picture #1

model town protest 1


Picture #2

model town protest 2

Picture #3

model town protest 3

Picture #4

model town protest 4

Picture #5

model town protest 5

The above is a small sampling of the vicious attack by Punjab police on a group of peaceful protestors to give you some perspective. Now, on to Ms Bukhari


Here, Ms Bukhari is retweeting someone with whom she regularly interacts on Twitter. Apparently both of them agree and find funny the idea of running people over on the street, presumably because they disagree with them.

Gul Bukhari 8While the incident has been playing out on the television screens of Pakistanis for hours and protesters are being murdered in plain view, Ms Bukhari is calling them gangsters and ridiculing political parties who were appealing for calm and stating that these women were the children of the country….Ms Bukhari is saying, “dont call them the children of our nation”. In the next tweet she is opening up a little and letting it be known that her gripe with these people is that they are a religious group, albeit one that is known to be peaceful…but she sees nothing wrong with calling them, “Islamist types”, thereby stereotyping and dehumanizing them. Since when is it unlawful to protest? Do people with whom Ms Bukhari disagrees not have the same democratic rights that she espouses for her liberal colleagues? In her third tweet, she further dehumanizes these women and states that they’re holding sticks (while police are using automatic weapons with live ammunition)…and she is comparing them to the infamous “Laal Masjid incident” which was actually a group of radicals that confronted the law enforcement agencies…however, this case was nothing like Laal Masjid and nobody except Ms Bukhari thought it was, including the government, media, civil society and opposition parties.

Gul Bukhari 6

There was no militia, arms cash or groups of people taking oaths based on secret plans…however, that didn’t stop Ms Bukhari from spreading vicious rumors while women, children and old men were being gunned down on our television screens.

Gul Bukhari 7

Here she is again, the very next day stereotyping people who are religious by stating that all “mullahs” (a term used as a pejorative to paint all religious people with one brush) are “agents” of intelligence agencies. Absurd to make such sweeping statements, but as you will see, that is a staple in Ms Bukhari’s senseless hyperbole.

Gul Bukhari 9

Again, someone with whom Ms Bukhari regularly interacts on twitter. She retweets this person often. Here, this individual is asking, “what is the score? how many have gone to meet the “hoors”? They are referring to the number of dead protestors as a “score”…dehumanization at its worst. “hoor” is a completely heartless reference to virgins in heaven….forgetting for a moment that several of the dead were women..making such crass jokes about innocent human lives is abhorrent. However, as you will continue to see, Ms Bukhari has no respect of value for the lives of people with whom she disagrees, particularly if they hold religious beliefs.

Gul Bukhari 10

Again, Ms Bukhari makes crass jokes about innocent lives being snuffed out by state sponsored violence. While referring to an incident in China where Chinese police killed 13 attackers, Ms Bukhari is joking that they scored 2 more (“better” is the word she chooses to use) than the Punjab police.

Gul Bukhari 11

Here Ms Bukhari really outdoes herself. Madrassa refers to religious schools. Tabligh is a non-political organization dedicated to peaceful means of spreading their message and has never been accused of being involved in any terrorism or violence. Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan where over 60% of the population of the country resides. Balach Marri who has been included in this tweet is a militant from the province of Balochistan where separatists are carrying out ethnic cleansing, particularly of Punjabis. Here Ms Bukhari is retweeting Aimal Pukhton, an individual with whom she regularly interacts over Balochistant militant causes which she wholeheartedly supports. Apparently she agrees with making derogatory comments about religious people and entire ethnic groups….and that too, with an audience that actually follows through on such comments by killing such religious people and those ethnic groups. Please see our posts on Baloch militancy to understand a little more on this subject and to gain some perspective.

Gul Bukhari 4FATA is a part of Pakistan which is majority Pakhtun, a large ethnic group, whose society is relatively tribal compared to the urban centers of Pakistan. FATAfication is actually used as a derogatory term to suggest that these people are backward and regressive and their traits are spreading to other parts of Pakistan. Apparently Ms Bukhari is not averse to dehumanizing and ridiculing people of all beliefs and ethnic groups, as long as they’re ones she disagrees with.

Gul Bukhari 1Both terms, “Pakis” and “Mullas” are pejoratives and are used to ridicule people and dehumanize them. It is well known that Pakistan is a somewhat conservative and religious society in which religious leaders have a great deal of influence. So, if the religious leaders come out against “honor killings”, she abuses all Pakistanis for not understanding until their religious leaders tell them. And if the religious leaders don’t come out against honor killings, she will accuse them of being complacent. To be a liberal does not mean one is anti-religion and so intolerant of others…quite to the contrary, liberalism is all about tolerance and accepting others as they are and to live and let live.

Gul Bukhari 13


In a conservative and religious society like Pakistan, such subjects have to be handled with care and understanding. Ms Bukhari is not only a highly bigoted individual, but a vulgar one too. Does she honestly think using such foul language will convince those with whom she disagrees? Certainly not, and that is not even her intention…she is merely being vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. Any pretense that she is promoting liberal causes is simply a ruse to gain popularity and advance a career while her tweets reveal her true personality. Perhaps she imagines herself as the Howard Stern of the Pakistani twitter-sphere.

Gul Bukhari 12

This time she is attacking not just religion, but Pakistan as a whole by suggesting it is Pakistani culture to beat one’s wife. Again, stereotyping….her rants are the very definition of hate speech. Gul Bukhari 18


Another twitterati with whom Ms Bukhari regularly interacts. This virtual high-five over a rather despicable comment about religion or religious people would be expected by the likes of Pamella Geller or other renowned Islamophobes, but not someone who refers to themselves as a Pakistani liberal….but we know thats not what she is.Gul Bukhari 17


This message was one that Ms Bukhari agreed with so much that first she retweeted it but then she tweeted it herself. She gives away her thinking here which is that she is actually a “Takfiri Secular”…someone who has their anti-religious beliefs and is willing to destroy anyone who doesn’t share the same values, or lack thereof. Ms Bukhari is certainly no secular liberal…she is a deeply confused/disturbed and hateful individual…she fits right into the Takfiri crowd.

Gul Bukhari 15

By now its become quite obvious that Ms Bukhari has no respect for people who hold religious beliefs. Here is a photo that has been cut off unfortunately, but showed an optical illusion that looked like an angel sitting on top of the Holy Kaaba. Much like those people who see Jesus in trees and fruits….live and let live…be tolerant. However, Ms Bukhari doesn’t seem to agree and retweets someone who refers to people who believe such things as stupid while she responds with a WTF is that? Muslims deeply revere the Holy Kaaba and in a conservative/religious society like Pakistan, one is expected to have more respect than that! However, as a Takfiri Secular Liberal…she is expected to be belligerent and hateful, a role she plays quite well. Gul Bukhari 16


During the month of Ramadhan, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk and abstain from food, drink and intimate relations. A key part of the Muslim belief is that these rules have been made by Almighty Allah (God) and that human beings do not have the right to change them. However, the Takfiri Secular Liberal in militant Ms Bukhari enjoys the instigation and antagonistic approach that comes with being such a hateful person. She suggests that these rules should be changed and that drinking water should be permitted. It may seem like a trivial matter to outsiders, but such cultural and religious sensitivity is something all who are born and live in the Muslim world have a full awareness of and Ms Bukhari purposely flaunts her disdain for those sensitivities to presumably enhance her credentials as a secular liberal. Live and let live is a lesson she apparently missed altogether. Somehow this brand of secular liberal (the Takfiri kind), is based not on the same values as are understood in the west, but a peculiar brand which is not as much pro-freedom and equality as it is anti-religion. Dehumanizing, calling for murder, antagonizing religious people…its all part of her confused secular liberal package.

Gul Bukhari 5


We threw this one in just to add a little more to the picture. Generally mean comments are second nature to this individual.

Gul Bukhari 20

More generally mean spirited comments…this time referring to Pakistan as a Banana Republic.

Gul Bukhari 21

When Pakistanis are celebrating the day they became a nuclear power, Ms Bukhari is, of course, being a negative nelly….what else would she be doing? And naturally, she wholeheartedly agrees with her regular friend, Kahar Zalmay, that only abnormal people would celebrate that day….therefore, most Pakistanis must be abnormal since most Pakistanis take great pride in being a nuclear power.

Gul Bukhari 19

Sure Ms Bukhari…just because he is a rickshaw driver, he must be illiterate right and wouldn’t even have the sense to know what he’s placed on his rickshaw right?

Gul Bukhari 2

These last two tweets are for her fellow PPP supporters in case you missed them. While Aseefa Zardari (still a child), just graduated from university that day was tweeting how much she missed her late mother, Benazir Bhutto, and also wishing her happy birthday….Ms Bukhari was commenting that she doesnt see the logic in wishing a dead person Happy Birthday.

Gul Bukhari 22 - Bibi 1Gul Bukhari 22 - Bibi 2


We think the above is a representative sample of Ms Bukhari’s personality which we feel is hateful, bigoted and quite illiberal. That she is allowed a platform on media outlets such as Dawn and The News is quite mystifying but we encourage you to share the above with them and let them know that you object to allowing her any space in any respectable media outlet. People who practice hate speech while championing liberal causes and themselves claiming to fight against hate speech are the worst kind of hypocrites…but Ms Bukhari is a special brand of secular liberal takfiri…in her owns words. We encourage you to comment, we will not censor you except if you use the same sort of hate and vulgarity as Ms Bukhari. If you have any more material relating to Ms Bukhari which you think should be placed here, please share it with us and we will add it to the above collection.


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June 23, 2014 at 8:39 pm

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  1. From a former US State Dept official-

    What a mess. Seems Pakistan has the form of democracy, liberalism and all the other forms but lacks the content – content seems much the same regardless of who is saying what. Especially concerning is the utter violation of the very definition of liberalism…tolerance, non-violence, mutual respect…tragic as so sadly, Pakistanis seem to think such vitriol, hatred and violence is normal.


    June 24, 2014 at 1:26 pm

  2. Most ‘liberals’ in Pakistan are like that: insensitive. That being said, I don’t see anything that outrageous really, she is just expressing her opinion on a public platform and most people do that. Except for the idiotic jokes she made about the innocent lives lost in Model Town, that is. I really think we should just ignore garbage, since that’s all we can do lol.

    Farwa B Naqvi

    June 24, 2014 at 9:06 am

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