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Secular Liberal Extremists of Pakistan

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This is a very early draft document. We’re in the process of putting together a more comprehensive version of the same. If you have examples of secular liberals of Pakistan making hateful comments about Islam, Muslims, Arabs, etc, please share them with us to add to this collection. These will all be compiled into a write up on extremism among the secular liberals of Pakistan


Keeping an eye on all people who go into mosques is the type of oppressive move that Hosni Mubarak or the Uzbek leadership would enact. Khalid Munir is a well known liberal from Pakistan…this gives some idea as to what Pakistani liberals would do to religion and the rights of religious people if they had the chance.

Secular extremists 1



Some seriously flawed thinking on the part of Beena Sarwar, another renowned Pakistani liberal. General Zia-ul-Haq was the military dictator of Pakistan during the 1980s and he is often accused of Islamizing Pakistan, something the liberals hate. What is flawed about Ms Sarwar’s thinking is that a military dictator who died over two decades ago is not responsible for the ordinary public using the term “Allah Haafiz” rather than “Khuda Haafiz”. The fact is that many millions, possibly tens of millions, of Pakistanis have worked in the Gulf countries and have, on their own, decided that the term “Allah” is more appropriate the the word “Khuda”..since Khuda is not used in the Quran while Allah is. This is a decision by individuals, not a state enforced requirement that people should use Allah instead of Khuda. However, every year the same liberals fume with anger that the Pakistani public has changed in ways that they dont like. The source of Islam is Makkah, a city in Saudi Arabia…the Prophet (SAW) was an Arab, the Quran is written in Arabic…therefore, naturally if people are attempting to be closer to their religion and understand it better, they will come closer to Arabic..since that is the language of the religion. However, the liberals of Pakistan are against the idea of the public making such decisions, even on an individual basis. Pakistan being 98% Muslim and major (by far) Sunni, naturally a conservative religious public will mean the country will become more Islamic, which will also mean that the Sunni majority’s identity will be more noticeable than that of the minority…simply because they are the majority. Again, the comments of Pakistani liberals reveal the depth of hatred they have for the public’s freely made decision, and they instead subscribe to conspiracy theories about dictators who died 20+ yeas ago being responsible for this…thereby seeking to discredit a genuine public movement. Relgious fatwa is another word for ¬†religious ruling….or religious opinion. Any Muslim who needs clarification on religious issues will request a fatwa from someone who is educated in the subject and is qualified to provide such an opinion. Please note, these liberals are not saying that the state should outlaw extremist fatwas, but they are saying that ALL fatwas should be outlawed. They are also not saying that extremist madrassas (religious schools) should be shut down, they are saying that ALL religious schools should be shut down. They are equating TTP, a terrorist group, with legitimate religion…a cheap trick to paint all religion and religious people with the same brush.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 22 Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 21 Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 20

Please note below that there is no mention of which Saudi clerics were banned from entry into India and neither are the tweeters below being specific about which clerics they feel should be banned. They are infact saying that ALL clerics from Saudi Arabia should be banned and they are calling them “fasadis”, which means “instigators”. Such is the language of hatred. Furthermore, please note that the below comments also take objection to Pakistan seeking to protect its own religious/cultural values through a “Respect Ramadhan” law which prevents people from eating and drinking in public during the month of fasting. It is fine to disagree, but one must do so in a respectful and civilized manner that is conducive to discourse…however, the comments refuse to acknowledge that the Pakistani public itself has any say in these laws..instead, they go the route of conspiracy theory to blame “damned intolerant Arab rules tiptoeing into our culture”..thereby seeking to de-legitimize the genuine public sentiments of Pakistanis. Hypocrisy at its worse because the below comments wreak of intolerance, while sanctimoniously harping about the intolerance of others.


Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 19 Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 18



This comment is particularly odd because a genuine secular state is tasked with the material well being of its public, not morality. However, that doesn’t stop Pakistani liberals from making such misguided statements.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 17

If the intolerance of these secularists is anything to go by, it doesn’t seem that a secular Pakistan would be anymore tolerant than an Islamic Pakistan. It is people, not their ideology, that are mostly responsible for intolerance. If someone wishes to suppress those whom he/she disagrees with, they will find excuses, whether religious or secular.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 16

This is just absurd….secularism cannot be closer to religion, particularly since secularism seeks to remove religion from the public sphere. The level of confusion among Pakistani liberals is astounding. The Quran is quite explicit that those who do not judge according to the book, and live their lives according to the book, are not entitled to call themselves Muslim. This secular liberal is attempting to make the case that secularism is somehow religiosity.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 15


This is a clear manifestation of the confusion of secular liberals of Pakistan. Just because someone has been married three times and smokes, doesn’t make them a liberal. Such personal trivial matters should not even come into play. The western idea of liberalism is more about ideology rather than trivial matters such as smoking or divorce.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 14


Typical secular liberal comment, that the alternative to secularism is moving back into some sort of dark age. The problem with such an approach is that is seeks to discredit the alternative view point entirely as a non-starter. It gives no respect to the diversity of opinions, which is exactly what a liberal is supposed to stand for. Disrespecting other viewpoints is exactly the complaint liberals have against religion, while they themselves are guilty of the same.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 13

Again, a typical self-righteous liberal argument that secularism is somehow enlightened while the alternative is darkness. It is a lack of respect for the other viewpoints.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 12

Here, the Chairman of Pakistan’s largest liberal party, the PPP, is clearly saying that secularism is not possible in Pakistan, it is not democratically feasible…in other words, the majority of the public does not want secularism and wants an Islamic state. This is a major admission by the only national party in Pakistan that qualifies as “liberal” to some extent. In fact, he admits that the treaty of Madina would make society more egalitarian, more so than any secular laws….the treaty of Madina being part of Islamic law.

Bilawal Zardari doesnt favor secularism

While many of the liberals take exception to the individual choices of people, such as calling it Ramadhan rather than Ramzan, and Allah Haafiz rather than Khuda Hafiz…and they would also seek to ban religious schools, hound people who go to mosques, ban religious fatwas (religious opinions)…they are so self-righteous that they don’t realize that “does parliament has the legal and moral right to legislate on matters of personal faith” …these liberals seek to do the exact same thing to suppress religion, matters of personal faith, even pronunciation, education..and who knows what else if they ever had the power to do so. Most likely they would seek to ban hijab and beards…or at the very least, prevent people who have such religious displays from advancement in society, lest they become a threat to their secular order…just as in other oppressive secular countries like Uzbekistan.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 10

This comment doesn’t really require much elaboration…it is hateful to the core.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 9

Again, another secular liberal seeking to ban political parties that represent people who espouse a role for religion in politics. Of course, shutting down religious education is a staple comment for the liberals of Pakistan. How strange that they don’t see their own blatant intolerance!

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 8

Here, well known Pakistani liberal, Asad Munir, is equating mainstream political parties such as Imran Khan’s PTI and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s PMLN with terrorist organizations such as LET and LeJ simply because they all believe in the Islamic state. The Pakistani liberal sees all religious people and parties as terrorists.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 7


Since Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day, on specific times, when someone is busy with work or doing all day events, it is bound to happen that they will need to excuse themselves in order to pray. The Pakistani liberal considers that a crass display of religion rather than a matter of individual rights and freedoms. One need not wonder what kind of legislation the Pakistani liberal would enact if he/she had the power…it would be oppressive in the extreme.


Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 6


These two gentlemen, Najam Sethi and Mosharraf Zaidi, are well known secular liberals of Pakistan. However, the Pakistani liberal does not tolerate the secular liberal who is not secular liberal enough. Here, a well known liberal blog, LUBP, is labeling these two iconic secular liberals as secular sectarians.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 5


This comment doesnt need much elaboration. It could easily have come from renowned Islamophobes such as Daniel Pipes or Pamela Geller.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 4

Renowned Pakistan liberal, Raza Rumi, sees nothing wrong in perpetuating the stereotype of Arabs with big noses and bad teeth. Disrespecting the views of others who choose the proper pronunciation, Ramadhan, as parrots or puppets of Arabs…they turn even trivial matters of personal choice into campaigns of hate. #BringbackRamzan hashtag is odd because one has to wonder, just how do they intend to “bring it back”? Will they legislate this? Or will they continue their campaign of hate? Just how does one bring something like this back when millions of individuals had made this choice on their own?

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 3

Again, renowned Pakistani liberal has been spending a great deal of time worrying about how to reverse individual decisions to refer to the month of fasting as Ramadhan rather than Ramzan. It is ridiculous in the extreme to spend so much time on this subject and to spread so much anger over it. They throw out conspiracy theories about the late dictator being responsible for this and equate it with Saudization…a cheap way to discredit genuine public opinion.

Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 2 Fanatic Pakistani Liberals 1


Clearly, in Pakistan, the term “liberal” or “secular” does not mean the same thing it does elsewhere. In Pakistan, secular liberal means anti-religion, against religious people…it means being hateful of opposing views, of seeking to suppress the majority who do want an Islamic state, as admitted by the leader (Bilwal Bhutto Zardari) of the largest and only national liberal party. They will claim to respect and demand democracy, but when democracy brings something they disagree with, they will aim to discredit it, disrespect it, and to somehow de-legitimize it.


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